Hat Patterns

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Punctuate your wardrobe with smart personality changes. Accessories make the costume and it's easy to crochet accessories with these hat patterns. Now, you can pick what kind of crochet you'd like to make. You have an array of hat designs to pick from and how to crochet a hat is not only fun, but easy. You're the proud possessor of clever new hats for dollars less than you can buy in the store. Choose your own best color when creating yours from this collection of crochet hat patterns. It's easy...it's fascinating.



Daughter's Delight Calot Pattern
beret pattern
hair band pattern
crochet beret and scarf pattern
dress and bonnet pattern
Teen-Age Hat pattern
Dutch Bag and Hat pattern
sun ray hat pattern
crochet beret pattern
crochet cap pattern
dress and calot pattern
overalls skirt shorts calot and visor cap pattern
easter parade hat and bag sets
crocheted jacket and cap pattern
little girls breton hat
childs beanie
pigtail beanie
young ones delight hat pattern
cap pattern
blossom hat pattern



The Snood's The Thing Pattern
Beaded Snood pattern
Bow Snood pattern
petal snood pattern
snood pattern
fish net snood



Pillboxes Are Tops Pattern
Net Haul Beach Hat Pattern
Three Smart Tricks Hat Band Pattern
Glengarry Scarf & Hat Set Pattern
The Edwardians Hat and Bag Set
Tam O'Shanter Hat and Bag Set
Skyscraper Hat Pattern
Frost Bite Hat Pattern
Wool High Hat Pattern
Snowball Winter Accessories Pattern
Pill Box Hat and Bag Set
Angel Face Hat
Good News Hat
Cock o' the Walk Hat
Algiers Hat
Sky Top Hat
Hour Glass Hat
Flower Top Hat pattern
Tisket-a-Tasket Hat
Runabout Hat
Skull Cap
Hat High pattern
Robin Hat Pattern
Garden Party Hat pattern
Riviera Hat pattern
Scotch Tam pattern
Tyrolean Hat pattern
Square Top Hat pattern
Crocheted Calot pattern
Tuckaway Hat pattern
Turban pattern
Bow Hat pattern
Jockey Hat pattern
Swanky Beret pattern
Coolie Hat pattern
Palm Beach Hat pattern
Fez pattern
Popcorn Beret pattern
Sunlight Hat pattern
Fringed Hat pattern
Skyway Hat pattern
Ridge Round Hat pattern
Afternoon Hat pattern
Russian Turban, Scarf and Bag Ensemble pattern
Single Crochet Calot pattern
Stitched Calot pattern
Sombrero pattern
Clover Top Hat pattern
Leaf Beret pattern
Fedora Hat pattern
Rug Yarn Calot pattern
crochet hat pattern
crochet hat pattern
Off the Face Hat with Brim pattern
Tilted Beret pattern
Tucked Beret pattern
Regal Turban pattern
crochet hat pattern
Sectional Draped Hat pattern
Plaited Fez pattern
Rolled Brim Hat pattern
Hat with Tilted Brim pattern
hat pattern
hat pattern
Dutch Cap pattern
Sailor Hat pattern
Tassel Beaded Hat pattern
Tailored Suit Hat pattern
hat pattern
wide brimmed hat and twin handled bag pattern
poodle loops hat and bag pattern
Dutch Bag and Hat pattern
Pill Box Hat pattern
Hat with Various Trimmings pattern
Flower Hat pattern
brim hat and practical pouch bag pattern
lacy cloche pattern
mamies hat
crochet hat pattern
crochet hat pattern
crochet beret and scarf pattern
crochet hat pattern
junior miss hat and bag pattern
match mates hat and bag set
yellow picture hat and bag pattern
crochet hat pattern
crochet hat pattern
crochet hat pattern
special occasion hat pattern
hat pattern
hat bag and collar set
popcorn hat and bag pattern
lacy fascinator pattern
hat pattern
hat pattern
town country hat and bag set
hat pattern
hat and bag pattern
hat and bag set pattern
hat and bag set pattern
pixie fringe hat pattern
hat pattern
hat and bag pattern
crocheted hat and bag
hat and bag pattern
hat and bag set pattern
hat collar and bag set pattern
brim hat and practical pouch bag pattern
brim hat and practical pouch bag pattern
hat pattern
top knot turban and bag
new hat and bag look
crocheted loop hat pattern
pony tail hat pattern
cloche pattern
calot news pattern
sequin trim hat
ribbon hat
straw pixie beret
pink cloche pattern
crochet robin hood hat pattern
crocheted loopy pillbox
bandeau hat pattern
cap for cottons
roll brim hat
clip on hat pattern
crocheted bubble hat
witching hour hat and bag sets
beau belle hat and bag set
half shell ribbon hat
sparkling fishnet hat
candy striped hat and bag pattern
easter parade hat and bag sets
lacy fascinator pattern
hat pattern
sparkling sailor hat
dutch cap pattern
lacy fascinator pattern
hat pattern
ribbon trim cloche
polka dot cloche
sugar and spice hat and bag set
hat and bag pattern
striped hat
crocheted knitting bag
lacy fascinator pattern
hat and bag set
hat and bag
ribbon cute clip on hat
hat pattern
tippy hat
ribbon cloche
ripple brim hat
fish net triangle
jeweled fez
sparkling cloche
sparkling beaded dutch cap
hat and bag set
sparkling beanie
juliet cap
turned up brim hat
hairpin lace pirate hat pattern
coronation hat
hat and bag set
twin beanies
ribbon cloche
Black and White Mesh Hat pattern
Shaker Bonnet pattern
sparkling ponytail cap
Crocheted Stocking Cap pattern
Convertible Brim Hat


Several Much Needed Tools You Need To Successfully Create Beautiful Crochet Hat Patterns

According to experts, crochet is the technique used to create a product using long yarns and threads. Crochet comes from the French term "croche", meaning loop or hook. It's usually linked to thread, stitches and making patterns of fabric materials using a created slipknot on the hook.


Tools You Must Have To Craft A Crochet Hat

If you want to design crochet hat patterns, you'll need several supplies to design it. One of the most important supplies you'll need is yarn. Now, when choosing your yarn, consider the textures and colors of the hat's design. Bear in mind that most yarn outlines have a certain kind of yarn. The various kinds of yarn you'll come across are:

- Baby yarn
- Sport yarn
- Bulky yarn
- Fingering yarn
- Chunky yarn
- Worsted weight yarn

Each one varies in their textures and thickness. For example, fingering yarn is considered the best possible yarn to make a crochet hat because it's got the finest number of strands. While most yarns are comprised of synthetic or natural fibers, they can be mixed with acrylic yarn, which is convenient to folks who wash and wear their hats (or other crocheted product).

Another tool you'll need is the crochet hook, which is used to slip a knot at the ends by pulling the thread loops and sliding them through the stitches. You can find these in aluminum, plastic and wood.

It's not uncommon for them to be size markings for some partners for projects that have lettering designs. Big crochet hooks are size 19mm while small crochet hooks are 2.25mm. Some hats that have larger patterns will need larger crochet hooks such as the size six-inch hooks.

You're also going to need knitting needles, which are thin and straight and also made of aluminum, plastic and wood. They also come in an array of sizes, ranging from two millimeters to 15mm. You can purchase knitting needles in pairs, generally with a knob at one end and a point at the other. These keep stitches from loosening up and sliding out of place.

Now, you can pick what kind of crochet you'd like to make. You have an array of hat designs to pick from like when learning how to crochet a hat:

1 – Plastic bag hat – has an array of colors and highlighted letterings for the outline.
2 – Brimmed straw hat – comprises mostly of cotton.
3 – Preemie hat – typically comprises of large preemie designs, which you can make smaller by decreasing the number of first row double crochet. Of course, this also depends on the patterned yarn being used.
4 – Pompom hat – comprises mainly of wool and can be made with a single crochet hook.
5 – Amish hat – Made completely of wool yarn and can be very pretty when crocheted.

You must have the tools and supplies to design these different crochet hats. Good luck!