Religious Patterns

We are God's masterpiece as proclaimed in Ephesians 2:10. Grab your crochet hook and some yarn and begin creating your own masterpiece. Consider the tangled skein of yarn. Just as you struggle to pull out the knots, God helps untangle your life. From the reading of the pattern, to the selection of the yarn, and throughout the project to completion, find Jesus entwined in all you do.

Altar Lace Pattern
Altar Lace Pattern
Altar Lace Pattern
Altar Lace Pattern
Altar Lace Pattern
Lily Altar Lace Pattern
Festive Altar Lace Pattern
Ave Maria Altar Lace Pattern
Credence Mat Pattern
Edging for Sacred Linens Pattern
Insertion for Sacred Linens Pattern
Sacred Linens Pattern
Lace for Alb Pattern
Lace for Alb Pattern
Lavabo Towel Pattern
Sacred Heart Bookmark Pattern
Missal Bookmark Pattern
Wide Altar Filet Pattern
23rd Psalm Wall Hanging pattern
Lords Prayer wall panel pattern
Lords Prayer 7264 wall panel pattern
Boy Jesus wall panel pattern
Last Supper Wall Hanging pattern