Potholder Patterns

One of the most popular ways to decorate your kitchen is by making pot holders. You don't even necessarily have to use them. Just having a pot holder with a picture or theme that meshes well with your kitchen décor is easy enough to do with the many crochet pot holder patterns available. In addition to potholders, you can easily find oven mitts or kitchen towel edgings with an appropriate theme to crochet.

Some people even collect them as a hobby. What could be more useful? Collectors like the unusual designs you'll see throughout these crochet patterns. Start a collection yourself and excite the admiration of all of your friends. Ingenious ways of hanging pot holders have been devised. Most pot holders have either rings crocheted at the top, or loops crocheted into the design.

More free potholder patterns: Potholder Patterns

These kitchen essentials bring color to your kitchen in addition to being useful. You can crochet them in the colors specified with each direction or choose from the wide selection of colors available to blend with your own kitchen colors. Pot holders protect your hands and brighten your kitchen at the same time. In addition to the utility value, they also make such colorful and practical gifts.

These crochet pot holder patterns are comfortable to work with and so simple to make. Pot holders are a great beginner project if you're just learning how to crochet. With a little practice, and patience, new crocheters can create this useful and creative handicraft easily.

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