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These crochet purse patterns are just gorgeous. Vintage crocheted handbags are now back in style! Punctuate your wardrobe with smart personality changes. Accessories make the costume. And it's easy to crochet accessories with these crochet bag patterns. Once you get started, it goes like the wind. You'll be the proud possessor of clever new bags for dollars less than ready-mades. Choose your own best color. It's easy...it's fascinating.

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Women around the world consider a purse as a necessity to hold money, keys, makeup and other items of daily use. However, the purse has grown to have much more significance and importance than its function. Today, it is not only used as the holder of things, but it’s also a fashion accessory and can speak volumes about the personality of the person carrying it.

Purses are also popularly known as handbags, although some argue that a handbag is larger in size. Purses evolved several centuries ago, with the first purses can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians, who used small pouches during religious ceremonies. Later, in the 14th century, purses were fastened to the waist with the help of girdles. During those days, purses were used as status symbols and were adorned with jewels and elaborate embroidery.

Today, purses vary not only based on their design, but also on the material used in their manufacture. From myriad colors and embroidery to sequins and diamonds, purses have come a long way and have added a substantial style quotient to our lives.

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