Collar and Dickey Patterns

Vintage crochet collar patterns are both beautiful and easy to make. Simple, step-by-step instructions are included below for crocheting fashionable collars of yesteryear.





Star Wheel Collar Pattern
Heigh Ho Collar Pattern
Smoothie Collar Pattern
Tailored Frills Collar Pattern
Caprice Collar Pattern
Beau Tie Collar Pattern
Colony Collar Pattern
Demure Collar and Cuffs Pattern
Colleen Collar and Cuffs Pattern
Debut Collar and Cuffs Pattern
Spice Collar and Cuffs Pattern
Simplicity Collar and Cuffs pattern
Simplicity Jr Collar and Cuffs pattern
Ensemble Collar and Belt pattern
Collar and Belt Set
Circular Collar pattern
Boucle Collar pattern
Tailored Softness Collar pattern
Ripple Reef Collar pattern
Antique Lace Collar and Cuffs pattern
Patricia Collar pattern
Fishnet Frills Collar pattern
Neckband Jabot pattern
Rick Rack Collar pattern
Juliet Collar pattern
Chiming Bells Collar pattern
Plastron Collar pattern
Collar and Cuffs Militaire pattern
Irish Crochet Collar and Cuff Set pattern
Lacy Jabot pattern
Turret Collar pattern
Skyrocket Collar pattern
Peasant Collar and Cuffs pattern
French Collar pattern
Royal Lady Collar pattern
Clover Stitch Collar and Cuffs pattern
Cluny Collar and Cuffs pattern
Cascade Collar pattern
Sea Foam Collar pattern
Renaissance Collar pattern
Whirlpool Collar pattern
Jabot in Knot Stitch pattern
Festoon Collar pattern
Butterfly Collar pattern
Peter Pan Frill pattern
Pierrot Collar pattern
Collar and Cuff Set pattern
Sectional Collar and Cuff Set pattern
mesh net collar
Toppling Shell Collar pattern
Double V Collar pattern
Cameo Collar pattern
Cluster Collar and Jabot pattern
Square Ribbed Collar pattern
Jabot pattern
jewelled collar pattern
Lace Ruff pattern
Lace Jabot pattern
Band and Frill Collar pattern
Empire Collar pattern
Striped Collar with Ties pattern
ribbed collar
Circular Bib Collar and Cuff Set pattern
Double Crochet and Knot Stitch Collar pattern
Green Crocheted Collar with Ecru Trim pattern
Collar Moderne pattern
Frill Collar and Jabot pattern
jewelled collar pattern
black velvet collar pattern
Bib Collar pattern
Scalloped Collar pattern
Lace Frill Jabot pattern
V Collar pattern
Dentelle Collar and Cuffs pattern
motif collar pattern
tailored collar and cuff set pattern
Irish Crochet Collar and Cuffs pattern
Shell Mesh Collar pattern
V Neck Double Frill pattern
hat collar and bag set pattern
crocheted collar
bib n tucker collar and belt
picture pretty collar pattern
collar pattern no 2253
Irish Rose Collar and Cuffs pattern
West Point Collar pattern
office bound collar and cuffs pattern
irish crochet jabot
seafoam collar pattern
collar pattern 2260
Knot Stitch Collar pattern
hat bag and collar set
Eton Collar Set pattern
glitter collar belt and bag set pattern
dress up collar and cuffs
pleasure bent collar and cuffs pattern