Children Clothing Patterns

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Crocheting for children means thinking about the child with every stitch and giving an item that is filled with love, warmth, and positive thoughts. All of the clothing that you'll make from these baby patterns, including outfits for older children, are sure to become favorites: clothes that will be worn, cherished, and saved long after they've been outgrown. There is something for crocheters of every skill level in this collection of baby patterns.

Choose a cozy pullover or a pretty dress. Or choose a cardigan or vest. These children clothing patterns will make great items your special little ones will love wearing.

Sun Suit pattern
Cardigan pattern
Party Frock Pattern
Party Frock Pattern
Crocheted Pullover pattern 599
twinkletoes dress pattern
buster brown sweater pattern
party days dress pattern
butterfly mesh blouse pattern
dress and hair ornament pattern
dress and bonnet pattern
sub deb suit pattern
double breasted suit and cap pattern
school girl dress pattern
star stitch cardigan pattern
striped skirt pattern
dress pattern
jerkin pattern
dress and calot pattern
sailor suit dress pattern
shirt pattern
girls crocheted cardigan pattern
dress pattern
shell sttich dress pattern
shirt pattern
childs dress
dress pattern
overalls skirt shorts calot and visor cap pattern
watch the birdie jacket sweater
child's sweater
loop stitch play dress pattern