Sunsuit Pattern #3119

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Sunsuit Pattern #3119

2 year size
Materials Required—
4 125-yd. Balls, Size 30, Blue or any Color desired.
1 Spool.
½ yd. 39-inch material.
2 Buttons
Steel Crochet Hook No. 11.

First cut a paper pattern following dimensions given on charts. Pin the pattern on material and cut out garment. Use "Star Twist" Mercerized Sewing Thread for all sewing. Make a ½ inch hem in the back to form casing for elastic. Insert elastic and fasten on both sides. Sew side seams. Hem leg edges. If desired bind the lower straight edges with tape for buttons and buttonholes or snaps. Trim with crocheted edge and heart shaped bib.
HEART SHAPED BIB. Starting at point, ch 9, d c in 1st ch, ch 8, turn.
2nd Row—D c in d c, 1 d c in each of the next 3 sts of loop, ch 2, thread over 3 times, insert in same st and work off all loops 2 at a time, the last st is an increase. Ch 8, turn and continue working back and forth according to diagram, break thread.
RUFFLE. Attach thread in 1st loop and work a row of s c all around, join and work a 2nd row of s c.
3rd Row—* Ch 5, skip 1 s c, s c in next s c, repeat from * all around, ch 3, tr c in joining st, (this brings thread in position for next row, end all rows in same manner).
Work 1 row each of 6 ch loops, 7 ch loops, 8 ch loops and 9 ch loops.
Next Row—* Ch 10, sl st in 5th st from hook for picot, ch 5, s c in next loop, repeat from * all around. Break thread.
Work a row of s c around leg edge and work ruffle same as around bib. Finish other leg edge to correspond.
STRAPS. Ch 15, d c in 7th st from hook, * ch 2, skip 2 chs, d c in next ch, repeat from *, ch 5, turn.
Work 2 more rows of open meshes. In next row, work solid mesh in center mesh. Continue these 4 rows until strap measures 19 inches or is length desired, break thread. Work a row of s c all around strap, * ch 6, skip 1 s c, s c in next s c, repeat from * to other end, ch 8, turn, sl st in 5th st from hook for picot, ch 3, s c in next loop, * ch 8, sl st in 5th st from hook for picot, ch 3, s c in next loop, repeat from * across row, break thread.
Work ruffle on opposite side of strap, then work other strap to correspond. Work a loop on one end for buttonhole and cover with s c. Sew straps to bib, cross straps in back and sew button in position.

Sunsuit Pattern #3119
Sunsuit Pattern #3119
Sunsuit Pattern #3119