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Fun and fabulous crochet doll clothes patterns from your favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Also included are patterns for an entire wedding party, from the bride, to the bridesgroom to the bridesmaids. Making these dolls in the romantic costumes of many nations is a fascinating pastime that you will enjoy tremendously. They make charming, unusual gifts for little girls as well as grown-ups. And for yourself, you'll want to start a doll collection - a hobby in which so many are finding fun and pleasure. Enjoy recreating these crochet doll clothes patterns!

Crocheted Doll Dress, Panties, and Hat Pattern
Queen Elizabeth Doll Pattern
Queen of Sheba Doll Pattern
Cleopatra Doll Pattern
Queen Esther Doll Pattern
Queen Isabella Doll Pattern
Betsy Ross Doll Pattern
Marie Antoinette Doll Pattern
Empress Josephine Doll Pattern
Joan of Arc Doll Pattern
Priscilla Doll Pattern
Alsace Doll Pattern
Alpes-Dauphine Doll Pattern
Lorraine Doll Pattern
Mary Queen of Scots Doll Pattern
Anjou Doll Pattern
Bretagne Doll Pattern
Pyrenees-Bearn Doll Pattern
Auvergne Doll Pattern
Riviera Doll Pattern
Pays-Basque Doll Pattern
Normandie Doll Pattern
New Orleans Door Stop
Rose Pin Cushion Doll pattern
Pansie Pin Cushion Doll pattern
Pin Cushion Doll pattern
Princess Doll pattern
Anne Doll pattern
Ruffle Bustle Doll's Dress
Rose Marie Doll pattern
Miss April Doll pattern
Doreen Doll pattern
Ballerina Doll pattern
Debbie Doll pattern
party girl
Frances Doll pattern
jean and john
Coat and Hat Doll pattern
Susan Doll pattern
flora dora
betty and bob
jenny and jimmy
shes a doll toaster cover pattern
natives doll
doll hot rolls cozy pattern
doll promenade pattern
park avenue belle
domino clown doll
cow girl doll
pretty prunella pattern
shade pull doll
south sea dancer
brother and sister doll patterns
doll clothes pattern
red and yellow clown doll
zulu doll
ringmaster doll
panama hattie doll
susan farmer
goldie locks and the three bears
trapeze artist doll
miss showboat doll
jiffy ann doll
hiram farmer
prairie rose doll
south of the border doll
dolls dress
priscilla doll
georgia peach doll
miss empire state doll
miss west indies doll
party girl doll
miss williamsburg doll
miss new orleans doll
miss rio doll
jack and jill doll patterns
Pappy Doll pattern
gypsy girl doll
miss seventeen doll