Bretagne Doll Pattern

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Bretagne Doll Pattern

The white coif worn as a head dress by the women of Brittany could easily be the "trademark" of this region. It is part of the tradition of the rugged people who, for centuries, have resisted the ways of civilization better than any of the other peoples of France. Yet, the wars and invasions have had their effect even on such strong minded stock as these and a gradual change has been brought about in recent years.

Brittany is the land of the weathered face of seafarer and explorer. Its jagged coastline is indented with many natural harbors. The great naval base of Brest is located here. Jacques Cartier, discoverer of the St. Lawrence River, was born in St. Malo.

However, not all of Brittany is coastal nor devoted to Maritime occupations. Inland are industrial cities such as Rennes, the capital, and there is Quimper, well known for its distinctive pottery. D•M•C threads are held in esteem by the Brittany women who are highly skilled in the art of tatting and the making of gloves and laces.

Breton, the ancient language of Brittany, is one of the Celtic tongues which is still spoken today. Of the million inhabitants who speak Breton, it is estimated that at least 650,000 know no other language.


MATERIALS: D•M•C Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, Size 5: 3 balls Black No. 310, ½ ball Yellow No. 725, ½ ball Blue No. 800, ½ ball Turkey Red No. 321, 1 ball Nile Green No. 954.
D•M•C Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, Size 8: 1 ball White.
Steel Crochet Hooks, Size 5 and Size 8.

SKIRT: The skirt is worked in one piece with an opening in the back. Starting at waist, with Black and Size 5 hook, ch 50. Do not join. Work back and forth in sc for 6 rows increasing in every stitch on the last row. Rows 7 through 12: Work in dc. Next row, join and work around increasing in every 10th stitch. Work in dc until skirt measures about 3½". For border, work 1 round each of sc in the following colors: Yellow, Blue, Black, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue; end with 1 round of dc in Red.

WAIST: The waist is worked in one piece with an opening in the back. With Black and Size 5 hook, ch 54. Work 9 rows of dc. For front, work 2 rows of dc across center 20 sts then work 1 row each of sc in Yellow, Blue, Black, Yellow and Green. For back, work 5 rows of dc across the first 15 sts then skip the first 8 sts at neck edge and work 7 rows of hdc for shoulder straps; work other strap to correspond. Sew straps to front. For sleeves, draw up 30 loops around armhole edge then work in dc for 9 rounds. Work 1 round each of sc in Yellow, Blue, Black, Yellow and Red.

COLLAR: With White and Size 8 hook, ch 25. Work 1 row of sc. Row 2: Increase in every 3rd stitch. Rows 3 and 4: Increase in every other stitch. Row 5: Increase in every 3rd stitch. Row 6: Increase in every 6th stitch.

APRON: With Green and Size 5 hook, ch 90. Work 3 rows of sc. Work 1 row of dc across center 24 sts increasing in every stitch. Work 15 rows of dc. With Yellow, work 1 row of sc around the three sides. For bib, work 5 rows across center 10 sts of waistband increasing 1 stitch at each side on 3rd row.

HEAD-DRESS: For crown, make a round disc as follows: With White and Size 8 hook, ch 3 and join. Round 1: Work 2 dc in each ch. Round 2: 2 dc in every other stitch. Rounds 3 and 4: 2 dc in every 3rd stitch. Round 5: Work 2 dc in every 4th stitch. For headband and wings, make 3 lace bands as follows: Ch 15. Row 1: Work 1 sc, * ch 3, skip 2 ch, work 1 sc; repeat from *. On the following rows, place sc in center of each ch-3 — be careful to keep edges straight. Continue to work in lace stitch until band measures 8". Line one of the bands with a ribbon in pastel color, sew it to crown, join with a seam in the back. Place the remaining two bands for "wings" as shown, joining them in the back. Make a tiny, straight bow of white ribbon and place it over joining in back.