Alpes-Dauphiné Doll Pattern

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Alpes-Dauphiné Doll Pattern

Rising to the greatest heights in all Europe, the French Alps are more rugged and more unspoiled than the Swiss or Tirolean Alps. Grenoble, the capital, is situated in an area of available hydroelectric power. This has encouraged the development of industries such as paper, chemicals, textiles, food and gloves.

To the north of Grenoble, Mont Blanc rises above Chamonix in a tower of majestic splendor. Winter sports facilities are almost unlimited in this world famous region. Besides Chamonix, Val d'Isère and Mégève are among the best known.

Lush and peaceful valleys wander down into the lowlands and spread like green carpets before hulking giant peaks. Nestled away in these lowlands are such attractive towns as Annecy with its peaceful lake. A spot beloved by Rousseau.

Spas of this Province are another attraction to the visitor. Typical of these are Aix-les-Bains, of long acclaim, and Evian, one of the newer spas along the Lake of Geneva.

Cattle raising is the life of the Savoyard. Following the fertile pastures upward with the receding snows of spring, he lives in the chalets during summer months, returning with the herd to the valley for winter.

The wide range of colors used in the traditional costume reflects the natural contrasts of this Alpine sector.


MATERIALS: D•M•C Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, Size 5: 5 balls Med. Sevres No. 798, 1 ball Blue No. 800, 1 ball Red No. 350, 1 ball Topaz No. 783.
D•M•C Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, Size 8: ½ ball Lt. Sevres No. 799, ½ ball Yellow No. 307, ½ ball Lt. Emerald No. 913, ½ ball Red No. 350.
Steel Crochet Hooks, Size 5 and Size 8.

SKIRT: The skirt is worked lengthwise in one piece with a seam in the back. With Blue No. 798 and Size 5 hook, ch 50. Work 5 rows of sc. With Red (Size 5) work 1 row of sc. Continue to work 5 rows of Blue and 1 row of Red until there are 27 stripes of each — break thread at each color change. With 2 threads of Red sew horizontal lines, about 5 sts apart, going over the Blue stripes and under the Red stripes. For waistband, with Blue, ch 50. Work 4 rows of sc. Run in threads, sew seams leaving a 2" opening at top. Make a hem the desired size then gather top of skirt and sew to waistband. Close with a snap.

WAIST: With Blue No. 798 and Size 5 hook, ch 24 for back. Work 2 stripes of Blue and 2 stripes of Red. Leave off 2 sts at each side for armholes then work across center 20 sts until there are 2½  Blue stripes. For one front, ch 15. Work in pattern until front measures same as back to armhole. Next row, shape armhole by decreasing 3 sts and shape neck by decreasing 1 stitch. Repeat decreases for neck on next 3 rows then work straight until front measures same as back: work other front to correspond. For sleeves, ch 22. Work in pattern until there are 4 stripes of Blue ending with 1 row of Red. With Blue, work 1 row across center 18 sts, then work 1 row across center 12 sts. Sew lines same as on skirt. Sew shoulder, side and sleeve seams and set in sleeves. With Red, work 1 row of sc along front and neck edge.

APRON: With Blue No. 800 and Size 5 hook, ch 90. Work 3 rows of sc. Work 1 row of dc across center 24 sts increasing in every stitch. Work 15 more rows of dc. Work 1 row of sc around the three sides.

HAT: With Topaz and Size 5 hook, ch 3 and join. Round 1: Work 3 sc in each ch. Round 2: Work 2 sc in every other stitch. Round 3: Work without increasing. Round 4: Work 2 sc in every 3rd stitch. Round 5: Work 3 sc in every 4th stitch. Round 6: Work 2 sc in every 5th stitch. Work 14 rounds without increasing. For brim, next round, work 2 sc in every other stitch. Work 1 round without increasing then work 1 round with 2 sc in every 6th stitch. Continue to work in sc increasing in every 10th stitch, every other round, until brim measures about 2".

SHAWL: With Blue No. 799 and Size 8 hook, ch 99. Row 1: Slip-stitch across 12 sts. Work 2 sc, 2 hdc, 33 dc, work 3 dc in next (center) stitch, 33 dc, 2 hdc, 2 sc, slip-stitch across last 12 sts. Break thread. Row 2: Leave the 12 slip-sts at each end, slip-stitch across 8 sts, work 2 sc, 2 hdc, work in dc to center stitch, work 3 dc in center stitch, work end of row to correspond to beginning. Rows 3 through 6: Work same as row 2 always leaving off 1 stitch at each end. For border, work in sc along the entire length of row including the 12 ch at each end — increase in center as before and decrease 1 stitch at each end of every row; work colors as follows: 2 rows each of Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Yellow. For trimming, make 3 little ovals as follows: With Green and Size 8 hook, ch 5 then work 2 rounds of sc going into one loop of the stitch only; work 2 rounds of Yellow. Applique with Red yarn on back of shawl.