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Dolls of France | DMC Volume 409

Dolls of France
Volume 409
The DMC Corporation
Original Copyright 1958

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Patterns Included: 
Normandie Doll, Anjou Doll, Bretagne Doll, Pyrénées-Béarn Doll, Auvergne Doll, Rivièra Doll, Pays-Basque Doll, Alsace Doll, Alpes-Dauphiné Doll, Lorraine Doll.

   France, where fashions are created for the style conscious of the world, is also a land of Traditional Costumes which have remained remarkably unchanged by the influence of modern trends and fads.
   The people of the various Provinces, in spite of their modern daily attire and their love of the new and fashionable, still hold their traditional and historical costumes dear to their hearts and bring them out on numerous occasions to attest to their devotion to their Province.
   Century following century — for two thousand years — the invaders came from all directions; Greeks, Romans, Burgundians, Alamans, Goths, Vandals, Franks, Moors, Norsemen, English and Germans. They remained and married and influenced the regions where they settled.
   From this cross-section of traditions and customs developed a manner of dress, eventually a costume, by which people of particular provinces could be recognized. The Traditional Costumes were, in addition to historical considerations, influenced by the geography and climate of the region. However, the single thing they all have in common is their bright, vivid colors.
   Dolls offer the ideal way to capture the authenticity of the French Traditional Costumes. Crocheting with French imported D•M•C cotton threads offers a fascinating way of reproducing these costumes in their true, brilliant, local colors with assurance that they will maintain their richness for years to come.
   Since dolls are one of the oldest forms of personal joy and happiness, it is only natural to assume that dolls costumed in authentic French Traditional dress will be treasured not only by you, but your family and friends as well.
   In addition to a list of materials and easy-to-follow instructions, a brief description of each Province is given. This information will introduce to you ten different regions and their people. It will also give you an intimate understanding of the character of the costume you are creating. Included on pages 12 and 13 is a full color map of France with the costumed dolls located in their proper regions. All of this familiarity with the locality should add to the excitement and enjoyment of making your collection of French Traditional Dolls and it will enable you to describe them accurately to your friends.

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