Lorraine Doll Pattern

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Lorraine Doll Pattern

Lorraine, with her sister Alsace, became part of the historical combination of Alsace-Lorraine which eventually was returned to France in 1918. Some of the richest iron deposits of Europe are found here and, although they are of the low grade variety, modern equipment has increased their productivity to the point where they are one of France's major industries.

The capital of Lorraine is Nancy, an ancient city, built during four different periods of history with an amazingly well integrated result. Metz, on the Moselle river; is a most lovable city of pre-Roman origin. Vittel and Contrexéville are two better known spas of this region.

Although Lorraine consists of scenic plateaus, plains and mountains, it is the great wealth of iron and coal which has caused the clash of armies and upheaval of its people. The scars of resisting armies and their pursuers are evident throughout the province.

During World War I the battles of Argonne and Verdun became unforgettable names to thousands of American soldiers who played a part in returning Lorraine to France.


MATERIALS: D•M•C Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, Size 5: 2 balls Lt. Emerald No. 913, 1 ball Black No. 310.
D•M•C Pearl Cotton, Art. 116D, Size 8: 1½ balls White, small amount of Blue, White and Red for Cocarde.
Steel Crochet Hooks, Size 5 and Size 8.

SKIRT (Formal): The skirt is worked back and forth in one piece with a seam in the back. Starting at waist, with Green and Size 5 hook, ch 50. Work 5 rows of sc. Row 6: Increase in every other stitch. Row 7: Work in dc. Continue to alternate 1 row of sc with 1 row of dc increasing in every 10th stitch on Rows 13, 17 and 21. When there are 25 rows, or when skirt measures about 4", work 2 rows of dc in Black. Sew seam leaving 2" opening at top. Close with a snap.

WAIST: With Black and Size 5 hook, ch 42. Work 6 rows of dc. For fronts, work 3 rows across first 10 sts then work 3 rows across last 10 sts. For shoulder straps, skip first 5 sts then work 10 rows across next 5 sts; work other side to correspond. For back, work 3 rows across center 15 sts. Sew straps to back and make a tiny cord for front lacing.

CAP: With White and Size 8 hook, ch 3 and join. Work 6 dc in the ring. Continue to work in dc increasing about 6 sts in each round to keep work flat. When there are 10 rounds or when crown measures 4" in diameter, work lace-stitch for brim as follows: Round 1: Sc in first stitch, * ch 3, skip 2 sts, sc in next stitch; repeat from *. Continue to work lace-stitch for 5 more rounds always placing the sc in center of ch-3 loop of previous round. Draw a gathering thread through last dc-row, adjust to fit head. For hatband, with Black and Size 8 hook, ch 80. Work 2 rows of sc. Make a cocarde in sc with 1 row each of Blue, White and Red — work in same manner as for cap. Place band around cap and attach cocarde.

APRON: With White and Size 8 hook, ch 90. Work 2 rows of sc. Work lace-stitch, as for cap, across center 16 sts (on first row, place sc in every stitch) for 26 rows. Work 2 rows increasing in every stitch by going into the sc as well as in the ch-3 loop.

SHAWL: With White and Size 8 hook, ch 62. Slip-stitch across first 9 sts then work 2 more slip-sts going under the ch, work 1 hdc, 38 dc, 1 hdc, 2 slip-sts going under the ch, turn, leaving the last 9 ch. The 9 ch at each end will be used as ties. Continue to work in dc increasing in every other stitch on 2nd and 4th row; increase in every 4th stitch on 5th row and in every 6th stitch on 6th and 9th (last) row. Work 5 rows of sc. Gather each end of shawl leaving the ties free.