Hat Pattern #2262

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Hat Pattern #2262

J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 2 balls of Turquoise and 1 ball of Dk. Yellow
Chadwick's Red Heart Knitting Worsted, 1 ball (1 oz. ball) of Yellow for Tassel
Bone Crochet Hook No. 6

Divide each color into 4 equal parts and use 4 threads throughout.

Back Piece ... Starting at open top with Turquoise, ch 25. Join with sl st in 1st ch made, being careful not to twist chain. 1st rnd: Sc in each ch around (25 sc). 2nd rnd: 2 sc in each sc around (50 sc). 3rd to 6th rnds incl: Sc in each sc around. 7th rnd: 3 sc in next sc (center back point), sc in each remaining sc. 8th to 11th rnds incl: Sc in each sc to center sc of 3-sc group, 3 sc in center sc, sc in each remaining sc (60 sc on 11th rnd). 12th rnd: Sc in each sc around. Now work sc in each sc across to 2 inches beyond back point. Sl st in next 2 sc. Break off.

Bottom Cup … Starting at center with Turquoise, ch 35. Join to form ring. 1st and 2nd rnds: Same as 1st and 2nd rnds of Back Piece (70 sc). 3rd to 10th rnds incl: Sc in each sc around. Sl st in next 2 sc. Break off.

Top Cup ... Starting at center with Yellow, ch 30. Join. Work exactly the same as Bottom Cup (60 sc). Break off.

With Turquoise, make a chain about 1 yard long. Place Top Cup inside the Bottom Cup. Using the Turquoise chain, whip pieces together around center. Tie ends of chain and cut. Place Back Piece on head. Pin the joined Cups in position at front. Sew in place.

Tassel (Make 2) ... Cut a piece of cardboard 3 inches wide. Lay two 8-inch strands of yarn across length of cardboard. Wind yarn around width of cardboard 30 times. Tie 8-inch strands securely. Slip Tassel off card­board. Wind a strand of yarn 3 times around Tassel near top. Cut loops at bottom. With yarn make a 5-inch chain. Fasten a tassel to each end of chain. Having one Tassel hang below the other, sew chain under Cup at left back.