Beach Sandals Pattern #473

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Beach Sandals Pattern #473

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Pearl Cotton, size 5, 2 balls of Ecru.
Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Six Strand, 2 skeins each of Red and Blue, for embroidery.
A steel Afghan hook, size C.
A pair of beach sandal soles.
4 wooden beads.

Instructions are given for medium size (sizes 6 and 7). Instructions for small size (sizes 4 and 5) and large size (sizes 8 and 9) are given in parenthesis.

Gauge: 10 squares make 1 inch; 9 rows of squares make 1 inch.

Vamp. Starting at toe, with Ecru ch 33 to measure about 3¼ inches (small size, ch 31 to measure about 3 inches; large size, ch 35 to measure about 3½ inches). 1st row: Skip 1st ch from hook, draw up a loop in each ch across, retaining all loops on hook (this completes half of row). For second half, thread over, draw through 1st loop only, * thread over, draw through 2 loops. Repeat from * until 1 loop remains on hook (32 squares). (Small size, 30 squares; large size, 34 squares.) 2nd row: Draw up a loop under perpendicular bar of next st and each st across, retaining all loops on hook. Work loops off as for second half of 1st row. (Be sure to draw up 1 loop under each bar, unless otherwise specified.) Hereafter repeat 2nd row, increasing 1 st at both ends of every other row until 26 rows in all are completed (to increase, make an extra st at back of perpendicular bar). Break off.

Back Strap. Ch 10 to measure about 1 inch (same for all sizes), and work in pattern without increasing (9 squares on each row) until piece measures 6 inches (small size, 5½ inches; large size, 6½ inches). Break off.

Side Straps (Make 2). Work exactly as for back strap until piece measures 3½ inches. On next row make an eyelet 2 sts from each end (to make an eyelet, ch 1 and skip a perpendicular bar). Then continue as before until piece measures 3¾ inches. Break off. Sew a side strap to each end of back strap, having the end with eyelets extend 1¾ inches beyond edge of back strap.

Embroidery. To find vertical center of vamp, count 16 squares from one end of 1st row (small size, 15 squares; large size, 17 squares), and mark with a pin. Embroider as indicated on chart, leaving lower 3 rows free and using center pin-mark as a guide. Embroider back strap, as on chart, in same way. Then embroider side straps, leaving 4 rows free at eyelet edge.

Place foot on sole. Pin vamp and straps in place, as in illustration, and sew securely to stitching on sole.

Cord. For a cord about 18 inches long, measure off six 54-inch lengths of Pearl Cotton, twist tightly, then double the twisted strands and give them a second twist in the opposite direction. Lace cord through eyelets (see illustration), draw one end of cord through a bead and make a knot; trim ends of cord evenly. Finish other end of cord to correspond. This completes one sandal. Make another sandal to correspond.

Beach Sandals Pattern #473