Contemporary Crochet Throughout the Home | J. & P. Coats - Clark's O.N.T. Book No. 508

Contemporary Crochet Throughout the Home

Contemporary Crochet Throughout the Home
Book No. 508
J. & P. Coats ⋅ Clark's O.N.T.
Original Copyright 1954

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Patterns Included: 

Lamp Shade Cover Patterns, Snow Flower Tablecloth Motif Pattern, Royal Palm Tablecloth Motif Pattern, Elizabethan Rose Tablecloth Motif Pattern, Carnation Tablecloth Motif Pattern, Cocoon Tablecloth Motif Pattern, Studio Couch Pillow Pattern, Captain's Chair Cushion Pattern, Square Blue Pillow Pattern, Square White Pillow Pattern, Square Pillow Patterns, Round Pillow Patterns, Place Mat Patterns, Studio Couch Cover Pattern, Chair Seat Cover Pattern, Bathroom Bench Cover Pattern, Bedroom Bench Cover Pattern, Seat & Bench Covers, Bedspread Patterns, Fringe Patterns, Oval Rug Pattern, Striped Bedroom Rug Pattern, Living Room Rug Pattern, Curtain Towel Edging Pattern, Edging Patterns, Toilet Seat Cover Pattern, Bath Mat & Scrap Basket Cover Pattern, Bath Mat Patterns, Afghan Pattern, Sparkling Jewel Doily Pattern.

General Information

How to Make Hairpin Lace

Step 1—Make a loop at end of ball thread (Fig. 1).
Step 2—Insert hook in loop and wind ball thread around right prong of staple (Fig. 1).
Step 3—Thread over hook and draw through loop, keep­ing loop at center (Fig. 1).
Step 4—Raise hook to a vertical position and turn staple to the left (Fig. 2).
Step 5—Thread over hook and draw through loop on hook (Fig. 3).
Step 6—Insert hook in loop of left prong (Fig. 4).
Step 7—Thread over hook and draw loop through (2 loops on hook), thread over and draw through 2 loops.
Step 8—Repeat Steps 4 to 7 incl until staple is filled.
Step 9—Remove all but the last 4 loops from staple and continue as before for length desired.

HOW TO JOIN MOTIFS: On last rnd of every motif, make half the chains required on a corner loop, then sl st in corresponding loop on preceding motif, com­plete ch on motif in work and continue to work in pattern joining corresponding loops on one side (where 4 corners meet, join 3rd and 4th corners to joining of previous 2 corners).