Lantana Blossoms Table Mat Set Patterns

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Lantana Blossoms Table Mat Set Patterns

A colorful set for use with Fiesta colored dishes. The original had background in Green with four Fiesta colored stripes across each end and flowers in two tones of red and yellow in alternate rows on the darker background.

Centerpiece: 11" x 20"
Place Mats: 11" x 16½"
May be made larger if desired.

MATERIAL: For set of four mats and center.
10 - Balls (background) Med. Green No. 274
2 - Balls (border) Green No. 275
1 - Ball each (stripes and flowers) Yellow No. 260, Orange No. 264, Red No. 228, Tea Rose No. 270

CENTERPIECE:—With Med. Green, ch 55, skip last st, 1 sc in each remaining st (54 sc). * Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in each sc of last row. Repeat from * until Doily is 93-rows long. Fasten off. Turn and make 1 row of sc across end in each of the following colors—Tea Rose, Red, Yellow, Med. Green and Orange—turning after each row. Repeat these same 5 rows across other end. Then with Dark Green go all around Doily with a row of sc, putting 3 sc in each corner.

PLACE MAT:—Make like Centerpiece, only 73-rows long. Then work the 5-rows of color across each end, and finish with the row of Dark Green all around. Cross stitch flowers (4-rows of 3 flowers and 3-rows of 2 flowers), as in chart.

EMBROIDERY:—Following diagram, cross stitch the little flowers on Doily. Make the first row of flowers—3 flowers in row, starting on fourth row of sc—in Red and Tea Rose, with Dark Green leaves. Make the second row—2 flowers in row—in Orange and Yellow, with Dark Green leaves. Continue, alternating the colors, across entire Doily (5-rows of 3 flowers and 4-rows of 2 flowers). Darn ends in neatly on wrong side.

Lantana Blossoms Table Mat Set Patterns