Blocks and Bands Table Mat Set Patterns

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Blocks and Bands Table Mat Set Patterns

A dainty, colorful Luncheon Set with diagonal bands of blocks in pastel shades across an ivory background.

Centerpiece: 12½" x 24". Mats: 12½" x 17".

MATERIAL: For a Centerpiece and 4 Mats—
8 - Balls No. 250 Ivory
2 - Balls No. 282 Light Blue
1 - Ball each No. 260 Yellow, No. 270 Tea Rose, No. 273 Light Green


Row 1: With Old Ivory, ch 61. Drop Ivory, but do not cut. Draw a loop of Blue through the loop on hook, then with Blue, ch 4 (66 ch). Now working over Ivory and starting end of Blue, skip the last 4 Blue chs and make 1 dc in next 2 ch sts, going through 2 loops of each ch st. * Hold the last 2 loops of last dc on hook, drop Blue, pull up Ivory taut and through these 2 loops, completing dc. Then working over Blue, covering it up and carrying it along, make 1 dc in next 3 sts, drop Ivory, pull up Blue taut and through the final 2 loops of last dc, and working over Ivory, make 1 dc in next 3 sts. Repeat from * until 4 Ivory and 5 Blue Blocks are completed. Join Ivory and make 21 dc, working over Blue. (Then make a Blue Block and an Ivory Block) twice, and a final Blue Block. Cut Blue 3 inches from work.
Row 2: Join Ivory through final 2 loops of last dc, ch 3, turn, bringing end of Blue around, too, and working over it, skip last dc, 1 dc in next 2 dc, join Peach and make a Block of 3 dc. (Then 1 Ivory Block and 1 Peach) twice, then 21 dc in Ivory, and (1 Peach Block and 1 Ivory) 4 times to end of row, putting final dc in turning 3-ch at end of previous row.
Cut Peach 3 inches from work, and following picture, make the next row in Green and Ivory Blocks. Fourth Row will be in Yellow and Ivory, then the sequence of colors starts again with Blue. Continue until Doily is completed (53 rows). Fasten off.

EDGE: Join Ivory to one corner, ch 3 for a dc, * ch 4, 1 sl st through 1 loop of first st of 4-ch for a p, 1 dc in same corner st, (ch 4, p, 1 dc between next 2 blocks) repeated to next corner. Repeat from * around. Join final p to third st of first loop. Fasten off.


Start in the same way as the Centerpiece and following picture, make 37 rows long.