Spring Blossoms Set Patterns

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Spring Blossoms Set Patterns

Use these crocheted squares for Table Mats or doilies, stove top mats or rugs. They are firm and heavy • will protect from hottest plates and dishes • are interesting to do and some novel combinations will result if assorted designs are used in the same mat.

The Spring Blossoms holders shown above are 5¾ in. squares—will need a ball of White Enterprise Yarn and 15 yds. each of Red and Blue for a pair.


In White, ch 27, 26 sc on chain. (Ch 1, turn, 26 sc) for a total of 25 rows. Fasten off.

EDGE: Turn and join Blue with sc, ch 1 and sc in last sc, * (ch 1, sc in next second sc) 12 times, ch 1, (sc, ch 1 and sc) in corner sc, (ch 1, sc in center of next rib) 12 times, ch 1, * (sc, ch 1 and sc) in corner st. Repeat from * to *. Sl st in first sc. Fasten off.

ROW 2: Turn and join White with sc, ch 1 and sc in 1-ch at 1 corner, * (ch 1, sc in next 1-ch space) across, ch 1, (sc, ch 1 and sc) in corner 1-ch. Repeat from * around. Ch 1, sl st in first sc. Fasten off. Follow chart below for flowers in cross stitch. Steam and press—pad with flannel and line—sew bone ring to corner.


Here are four of the Spring Blossoms Pot Holders joined for a stove top mat and fringed for appearance. For a four square mat 2 balls of White and about 35 yds. each of Red and Blue will be needed.

Make 4 squares as for Holders. With sc-rows lengthwise of doily, sew tog. into a large square, going through one loop of each st and matching center corners.

FRINGE: Wind yarn around a 2" cardboard. Cut at one edge. Tie 2 strands in each 1-ch sp across ends—fold in center, insert hook from underneath through 1-ch, catch loop and pull through, slip ends through loop and pull tight. Tie Blue in corner 1-ch and in next 1-ch, (White in next 3 sp, Red in next 2, White in next 3, Blue in next 2) 3 times and trim.


The rug pictured below is the Spring Blossoms design, worked in Brown with Green and two shades of Orange for the cross stitch decoration. A firm, durable rug is the result—size approx. 21 x 39".

As pictured, 15 squares will require 8 balls Dk. Brown—2 Med. Green and 1 each of Orange and Dk. Orange. Will be beautiful in any desired color combination. The animal and bird designs from the cross stitch squares pattern would make a variety of interesting squares for a child's room rug.

As for Holder, make a square in Dk. Brown. Work first row of edge in Green, next row in Dk. Brown, then repeat row 2 of Edge in Orange and Dk. Brown. Embroider seven st in center-tip of flowers in Orange,—balance in Dk. Orange. Leaves and stems in Green. Make 15 blocks and with sc-rows crosswise of rug, sew tog. into strips, going through one loop of each st, then join strips, matching all corners.

BORDER: With wrong-side-up, join Dk. Brown with sc, ch 1 and sc in one corner 1-ch, * (ch 1, sc in next 1-ch sp) 16 times, (ch 1, sc) twice across joining of blocks. Repeat from * around, putting (sc, ch 1 and sc) in each corner. Sl st in first sc. Fasten off. Repeat second row of Edge of Holder in Dk. Brown, Orange, Dk. Brown, Green, and 8 times in Dk. Brown. Fasten off.

FRINGE: Wind Dk. Brown around a 3" cardboard, cut at one edge and tie 2 strands in each 1-ch space around rug. Stretch and pin face down in true shape on large, padded board or table, to steam and press.

Spring Blossoms Set Patterns chart
Spring Blossoms Set Patterns