Humpty Dumpty Doll Pattern

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Humpty Dumpty Doll Pattern

Soft, Cuddly "Sleepy Time" Toys will replace factory mades that are hard to get. To be crocheted of washable Enterprise Cotton Yarn and stuffed with cotton or other soft materials • just the thing for a sleepy child to take to bed • so soft they can be rolled upon and do no harm.

Complete row by row instructions as far as needed are given— then follow the chart.

Crocheted in Puff Stitch, these toys are firm—durable and, if tightly crocheted, will not stretch.


The charts show layout of puffs to be followed to make all of these toys. Puff Stitch is simple to do—read the first 3 rows of Humpty Dumpty Doll instructions. Following any of the charts, row after row are crocheted in the same manner. Each square on the chart is a puff stitch.

Diagonal lines that form curved edges indicate increases (as in Row 10 of Humpty Dumpty Doll instructions) or decreases. To decrease at beginning of rows, sk last sc, dc in next sc,—hold final loop of it on hook, draw up loop in next st, thread over and thru all 3 loops on hook at once.

To find number of ch sts to start—count 2 chs for each puff, plus 2 and add an extra ch for each increase on starting edge; i. e. chart for starting edge at top of Jumbo Elephant Toy shows 7 puffs and 2 increases—7 x 2 + 2 = 16 and add 1 ch for each increase = 18 ch on starting chain.

Make two side pieces for each toy so that wrong sides may be placed together in same positions.

You can lay out your own ideas on cross section paper to be crocheted in the same manner for other toys.


MATERIALS: 1 ball each of Red, Blue, Ivory and Black.
Boye Crochet Hook No. 2.
Size—about 12-13 inches

PANTS LEGS: Starting at bottom with Red, ch 14, 13 sc on ch.
ROW 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in last sc, * 2 dc in next sc holding final loop of each dc on hook, thread over, draw thru all 3 loops on hook at once (1 puff st made) sc in next sc, pulling it down tightly—letting the Puff Stitch puff out on wrong side of work which will be the outside of toy. Repeat across (6 puffs).
ROW 3: Ch 1, turn, (sc in sc, sc in puff) repeat across (13 sc). Repeat Rows 2 and 3 twice, Row 2 once, then Row 3, having 2 sc in last sc.
ROW 10: Ch 1, turn, sc and dc in last sc—this is an increase shown on chart by lines drawn diagonally across squares—all increase at beginning of rows should be worked in same way, (puff in next sc, sc in next) repeat across.
Fasten off. Make a second piece to correspond, working the increase of (dc and sc) in end sc. Then ch 3, sl st to first sc in Row 10 of first piece. Fasten off.
ROW 11: PANTS TOPS—Insert hook again thru 2 loops of last sc of first piece, ch 1. turn, working over ends of thread covering them up, sc in each st across each leg and in ch-3 between (33 sc).
ROW 12: Ch 1, turn, sc in last sc (puff st in next, sc in next) repeat across (16 puffs).
ROW 13: Same as Row 11. Then repeat Rows 12 and 13 twice.
ROW 18: Ch 1, turn, work in puff st across row (15 puffs), then work dc in next st holding final loop on hook, draw up a loop in next sc, thread over, draw thru all 3 loops on hook (a decrease), work all decreases in same way at end of rows.
ROW 19: Ch 1; turn, sc in dec st, sc in next 30 sts, sc in end sc, holding the 2 loops of it on hook, drop Red at back of work, pick up Blue, draw thru 2 loops on hook completing sc, work over starting end of Blue, carry Red along covering it up until used again, (if not used again in same row, drop at back of work until again used).
ROW 20: Ch 1, turn, sc in last sc, dc in next sc holding final loop on hook, drop Blue at back, draw Red thru 1 loop on hook, thread over, dc in same sc, holding final loop on hook, thread over, draw thru all 3 loops at once—this completes a 2-color puff st—symbols on chart show colors used in these 2-color puffs. Sc in next sc, make 13 Red puffs, sc in next sc, 2-color puff worked as on opposite end.
ROW 21: Ch 2, sk 1 st of ch, sc in next 5, drop Blue, pick up Red thru 2 loops of last sc, sc in next 27 sts, holding 2 loops of last sc on hook, drop Red, pick up Blue, 2 sc in Blue, insert hook again in end sc, pull up loop, thread over, draw thru 1 loop on hook, thread over, draw thru last 2 loops on hook, * insert hook thru loop at base of last sc, thread over, draw thru first loop on hook, thread over, thru 2 loops on hook. Re­peat from * until 5 sts in all are added.
ROW 22: Ch 1, turn, inc in last sc, sc in next, 3 puffs Blue, sc in sc, 2-color puff, 11 puffs Red, sc, 2-color puff, 2 puffs Blue, sc, inc in end sc, ch 2, turn.
From this point follow chart to complete. Join Black at bottom to work feet. Make hands separately, following chart and sew to arms, embroider eyes, nose and mouth as illustrated. Make a second piece to correspond, working the increases and de­creases at opposite end from those made on first piece, so that wrong sides may be placed together in same positions.
INSET: (between sides)—Make long enough to go all the way around edge of doll, changing colors to match front of doll.
STARTING AT HEAD: With Ivory, ch 8, 7 sc on ch, ch 1, turn. Make 3 puffs wide, working as Rows 12 and 13 in pants legs. 25 or 26 rows of puffs will be needed to complete Ivory for inset around head—sew inset to edge of head after making 15 to 20 puff rows and add rows needed to complete. Puff rows in inset may be added or left out, to make colors match up with front and back of doll. Then join Blue; make 2 puff rows and then Black, etc., around body, so that colors of inset will match with color of body. Be sure that inset is not drawn in working. Sew ends of inset together—leave opening on one side for stuffing when sewing body to inset—stuff firmly and close.

Humpty Dumpty Doll Pattern chart