Jumbo Elephant Toy Pattern

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Jumbo Elephant Toy Pattern

Soft, Cuddly "Sleepy Time" Toys will replace factory mades that are hard to get. To be crocheted of washable Enterprise Cotton Yarn and stuffed with cotton or other soft materials • just the thing for a sleepy child to take to bed • so soft they can be rolled upon and do no harm.

Complete row by row instructions as far as needed are given— then follow the chart.

Crocheted in Puff Stitch, these toys are firm—durable and, if tightly crocheted, will not stretch.


The charts show layout of puffs to be followed to make all of these toys. Puff Stitch is simple to do—read the first 3 rows of Humpty Dumpty Doll instructions. Following any of the charts, row after row are crocheted in the same manner. Each square on the chart is a puff stitch.

Diagonal lines that form curved edges indicate increases (as in Row 10 of Humpty Dumpty Doll instructions) or decreases. To decrease at beginning of rows, sk last sc, dc in next sc,—hold final loop of it on hook, draw up loop in next st, thread over and thru all 3 loops on hook at once.

To find number of ch sts to start—count 2 chs for each puff, plus 2 and add an extra ch for each increase on starting edge; i. e. chart for starting edge at top of Jumbo Elephant Toy shows 7 puffs and 2 increases—7 x 2 + 2 = 16 and add 1 ch for each increase = 18 ch on starting chain.

Make two side pieces for each toy so that wrong sides may be placed together in same positions.

You can lay out your own ideas on cross section paper to be crocheted in the same manner for other toys.


MATERIALS: 3 balls Gray—1 ball Red (also pretty in Lt. and Dk. Brown).
Size—approximately 7" high.

Start at top of back—ch 18, 17 sc on ch. Start first puff row at left of chart with an inc, then 7 puffs, end row with an inc. Top of head is made after body is complete. Ears are made separately and sewn on where shown in picture,—inset is 3 puffs wide. Tail is 6 ten-inch pieces twisted together—fold and twist again—wrap 1 inch from end for tassel. Tack to body.

Jumbo Elephant Toy Pattern chart