Rug and Seat Cover Set Pattern

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Rug & Toilet Seat Cover Pattern

A set that will take a lot of abuse • Crocheted so that it is DOUBLE THICKNESS, for absorbency in the bath • Soft and luxurious in other rooms • This design may be increased to any size desired.

Rug—12 balls color A—Background
3 balls color B—Stripes
Cover— 4 balls color A—Background
1 ball color B—Stripes

The material above will make a rug approximately 24" x 40". The rug may be made larger by adding stitches to start­ing chain in groups of 7 (approx. 1⅛ inches). Each 7 sts added will increase rug length one stripe row and one background row—(approx. ¾ inch).


Row 1: With color A, ch 141, 140 sc on ch. Holding last 2 loops of final sc on hook, draw through color B. All colors are joined this way—through 2 loops of last sc. This will not be mentioned again. Cut A 2 inches from work.
Row 2: With B, ch 3, turn, work in back loop of sts, over starting ends of thread, dc in each st (140 dc). Join A through 2 loops of last dc. Cut B 3 inches from work.
Row 3: With A, ch 3, turn, work over ends, (thread over, in­sert hook in back loop of first dc of previous row and in loop of first sc of Row 1, draw thread through these 2 loops and work off other loops as for a dc) repeat across (140 dc). When drawing thread through first 2 loops on hook, pull up tightly to give ribbed effect.
Row 4: With A, ch 3, turn, dc in back loop of each st.
Row 5: Ch 3. Turn, (thread over, insert hook in back loop of first dc of previous row, then in loop of first dc of Row 3 take off as for a dc) repeat to end. Join B through last 2 loops, cut A 3 inches from work.
Row 6: With B, ch 3, turn, dc in back loop of 133 dc, join A, work over ends, dc in 7 dc.
Rows 7, 8 and 9: Repeat Rows 5, 4 then 5.
Row 10: Repeat Row 6 with 7 less dc in B, 7 more dc of A. Repeat Rows 5, 4, 5 and 10, 15 times. Row 70 having 21 dc in B, and balance in A.
Row 71: Repeat Row 5.
Row 72: Repeat Row 4, with last 7 dc in B,—this starts stripes on opposite side of rug; then add 7 dc in B to end of every fourth row, to make each stripe 7 dc longer than previous stripe. After Row 78, which completes first group of stripes at beginning of rows, alter­nate ribs in A and stripes to end of rug. Work Row 148 in B, Row 149 (last) in A.

EDGE: Work down side * (ch 2, sc between next 2 ribs) re­peat to next corner, (ch 2, sc in third st across end). Repeat from *. Fasten off.

FRINGE: Wind A and B around cardboard 3 inches wide. Cut along one edge. Tie 4 strands in each ch 2 across ends, alternating colors.


The seat cover may be made larger by adding sts to starting ch in groups of 7 (approximately 1⅛"). Each group of 7 sts will add one more stripe to cover.

Row 1: With A, ch 55, 54 sc on ch.
Row 2: Join B as in Row 1 of rug and work same as in Row 2 of Rug, but make 2 dc in each of first and last 2 sc of row (increase of 2 dc at each end) with dc in each sc between the 2 end increases. Join A, cut B 2 inches from work.
Row 3: Repeat rug Row 3 to work off first dc, work another dc in second dc of Row 2, but through SAME sc of Row 1. Work dc in next 2 dc same as first 2 dc in second st of Row 1. Then make dc in each dc of Row 2 and corresponding sc of Row 1, to last 4 dc at end. Work these 4 dc same as first 4 dc of row.
Row 4: Work same as rug Row 4 except make 2 dc in st at each end of row (an inc. of 1 st at each end).
Row 5: Start row and work the inc. at each end of row same as first 2 dc in Row 3. Balance of row same as rug Row 5.
Row 6: Repeat Row 2, but finish with B, 7 sts less than pre­vious B row, then finish in A.
Row 7: Repeat Row 3.
Repeat Rows 4, 5, 6 and 7—4 times.
Row 24: Repeat Row 4, with 14 dc in B.
Row 25: This and all uneven numbered rows are to be in A, until mentioned.
Row 26: No increases; 7 less B dc at beginning of row, finish in A.
Row 28: Inc. at each end. Work to within 7 sts of beginning of B in second rib below, finish in B.
Row 30: 2 inc. at each end, finish with B, 7 sts less than pre­vious B rib on left of cover, finish in A.
After Row 31 in A, make 12 rows in same manner without inc., decreasing the length of B ribs on left side and increasing those on right side, 7 sts at a time.
Row 44: Dec. by skipping 1 dc at each end.
Row 46: No dec. This finishes B ribs on left hand side. After Row 47 in A, dec. 1 dc in next 12 rows at each end on every front (rib) row. Make left end of stripes extend 7 dc farther than previous.
Row 60: (Rib) Dec. 2 sts each end—to do this and make edge even, hold last 2 loops of last dc on hook, sk 2 end sts, dc in end ch-3, holding last loop on hook, thread over and through all 3 loops at once, forming a cluster.
Row 62: (Rib) With A, ch 4, turn, sk 3 sts, dc in each st across to fourth st from end, sk next 2 sts, dc in end st—work last 2 dc off as a cluster.
Row 63: Dc in each dc and corresponding lower dc across to end st, dc in end ch-3,—work last 2 dc off as cluster.
Row 64: Dec. 1 st at each end of row, sk end st, dc in ch-3,—work last 2 dc off as cluster.
Row 65: Dc in back loop of all sts across. Repeat Rows 62 and 63, 4 times, making full rib rows of A and B alternately. Fasten off.
Stretch, steam and press, until dry.

EDGE: Join A to back corner (ch 1, sc between next 2 ribs, ch 2, sc between next 2 ribs) repeat around to op­posite corner. Sk 3 dc between sc across front.
Row 2: Ch 4, turn, dc in next sc (ch 1, dc in next sc) repeat around. Fasten off.
Lay cover on board, right side down, pin edge over evenly in place, steam and press.

CORD: With A, make ch long enough to thread through, or cut a strand 9 feet long, fasten one end securely, twist, fold in center, twist in opposite direction and tie ends. Draw through beading on edge of cover.