Poppy Pot Holder Pattern

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Poppy Pot Holder Pattern

A trim pair of holders with matching rack • the designs in fiesta colors embroidered on the crocheted squares.

MATERIALS: A ball of White for the holders and rack and about 10 yds. each of Red, Blue, Green and Gold for the edge and design.

RACK: Approx. 7 in. long x 1¾ in. high. With White, ch 39, 38 sc on ch.

ROW 2: Ch 1, turn, sc through both loops of each sc. Repeat until 20 rows (10 ribs) wide. Cut 15 in. from work and pull through loop, tight. Join Blue to corner and working across short end, (ch 1, sl st in center of next rib) repeated to next corner. Fasten off. Make edge across other end. Embroider design in cross stitch in center of band (see chart below). Then, using the end of thread, sew the sides of band together, forming a tube. Fold this flat, with design in exact center of front.

POT HOLDERS: Approx. 6 in. square. With White, ch 31, 30 sc on ch.

ROW 2: Ch 1, turn, sc in each sc. Repeat this row 28 times, making 30 rows (15 ribs), forming a square. Fasten off. Join Blue to last sc, * (ch 1, sl st in center of next rib) repeated to next corner, (ch 1, sl st in next second) repeated to next corner. Repeat from *. Fasten off. Embroider design in cross stitch (see chart). Press into true squares.

Cut a strip of heavy cardboard to fit, and slip it inside Rack. Sew bone rings to top edge, ½ in. from each end. Screw the smallest size cup hooks through crochet into cardboard, one at each end—about 1 in. from end. Sew a bone ring to top corner of each holder.

If desired, the back of the holders may be lined for appearance, and for a more tailored effect. Cut a piece of flannel just smaller than the holders; place on back—then line with muslin.

Poppy Pot Holder Pattern chart