Vest Pattern

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MATERIAL-10 skeins of Woolco Knitting Worsted. No. 3 ½ Woolco hook. 5 buttons.

Chain 82. Half double crochet throughout. Work 24 inches. Work 27 stitches, turn. Repeat twice. Increase on front every other row 4 times, then every row until there are 50 stitches. Add a chain of 11. Work back on chain and across row (this forms hem). *Work 45, chain 4, skip 4, work 4, skip 4, work 3, turn, chain 1. This forms buttonhole. Re-peat this row every 11th row until there are 5 buttonholes. Continue until front is same length as back. Finish other front to correspond, omitting buttonholes. Sew up. Make a 2-inch hem at bottom. Turn back hem with buttonholes.