Square Shawl Pattern

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MATERIAL-13 skeins of white and 4 skeins of color Woolco Shetland Floss. No. 5 Woolco hook.

With white, chain 4. Join with slip stitch, chain 3 at end of every row.

1ST ROW-7 double crochet in ring.

2D ROW-In 1st and 2d spaces make 2 stitches in each, in *next space 4 stitches, in the next space 2 stitches*. Repeat twice. Then 2 stitches in 1st space. This forms a square.

3D ROW-Make 1 stitch in chain, *1 in center of group of 4 stitches, 2 in next space of this group, 2 in center of group of 2 stitches, 2 in 1st space of next group of 4, then 4 in center of this group*. Repeat around the other 3 sides, ending with 2 stitches in same place as chain and 1st stitch were made. This will give 2 groups more in each side. Continue in this way until there are 24 rows.

BORDER-First 6 rows of white, 7th and 9th rows color, 8th and 10th rows white.

1ST ROW-Make 6 double crochet in 1st space, *1 double crochet in next, skip 1 space, make 2 double, 2 chain and 2 double in next space, skip 1 space*. Repeat between stars around shawl, make 6 double crochets in each corner.

2D ROW-Same, but always make the 1 double crochet around double crochet in every row.

3D TO 5TH ROW-Make 3 double, 2 chain, 3 double in each shell and in each corner.

6TH TO 8TH ROW-Make 4 double, 2 chain, 4 double in each corner and shell.

9TH ROW-Make 5 double, 2 chain, 4 double in each corner and shell.

10TH ROW-Make 8 double crochets, in shell, with picot between each. Shell of 10 stitches with picot in each corner.