Baby Bootee Pattern

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MATERIAL- 1 skein white and 1 skein color Woolco Shetland Floss. No. 3 ½ Woolco hook. 1 yard of ribbon.

With white, chain 30; join with a slip stitch.

Work 18 rows even in single crochet, taking both loops.

Make 10 rows of 10 stitches in afghan stitch. Fasten off.

Join color. Make a single crochet in every stitch and row around bootee.

2D AND 3D ROWS-Narrow 1 stitch each side of toe. 3 rows even.

7TH AND 8TH ROWS-Narrow 1 stitch each side of heel.

Join with slip stitch. Fasten off.

TOP-With white make a single crochet in each chain stitch.

2D ROW-1 double crochet and 1 chain in every 2d stitch.

3D ROW-Join color, make 3 double crochet in every 2d space.

4TH ROW-Make 1 single, 3 chain, 3 double crochet in 1st stitch of the group of 3 double crochet. Fasten off. Lace ribbon in spaces.