Baby Socks Pattern

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MATERIAL-1 skein of pink, 1 of white Woolco Shetland Floss, No. 3 ½ Woolco hook.

Using white, make a chain of 25 stitches; turn; work back in single crochet; chain at the end of row, and take only the half of stitch. Change to pink, and work in alternate ribs of pink and white until there are 7 ribs (4 white and 3 pink).

With pink, work 12 stitches; turn, and continue back and forth for 11 ribs; join to the other side of the front with slip stitches.

Using white for the foot, make a single crochet in every stitch around the front and sides, and make 2 rows plain.

In the 3d, and in every succeeding row, drop a stitch at each corner to form the toe. Make 8 rows of white for the foot and join with slip stitches.

Finish at the top with a neat little scallop and a cord and balls.