Woman's Sweater Pattern

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MATERIAL-24 skeins Woolco Germantown Zephyr. No. 4 Woolco hook. 6 buttons.

Chain 61.

1ST ROW-Skip 1 stitch, make a single crochet in each stitch of chain. Turn, chain 1 at end of every row.

2D ROW-1 single crochet, taking front loop, 1 single crochet, taking back loop. Repeat 2d row throughout sweater.

FRONTS-Decrease 1 every 8 rows 4 times, decrease 1 every 4 rows 5 time, 8 rows even. Increase 1 every 4 rows 5 times. Decrease 1 on front and 2 on armhole every row 6 times. Keep armhole straight and decrease 1 on front every 2 rows 12 times. Finish with slip stitch, taking up stitches as in plain afghan stitch.

BACK-Chain 97. 11 rows even. Decrease 1 each side every 4 rows 12 times. 8 rows even. Increase 1 every 4 rows 5 times. Decrease 1 every row 6 times. 24 rows even. *Make 2 rows of 28 stitches, finish off. * Join in 28th stitch from other end, repeat between stars.

SLEEVE-Chain 43. Increase 1 every 4 rows 15 times. 2 rows even. Next row slip stitch 8 at beginning, leave off 8 at end. Decrease 1 every row 10 times. Decrease 2 every row 6 times.

CUFFS-Hold right side of sleeve toward you, make 1 row single crochet. Turn, chain 1. Make 11 more rows, taking both loops. 1 row, taking back loop. 12 rows, taking both loops. Sew up sleeves and turn over cuffs. Place seam of sleeve to seam in sweater.

COLLAR-Chain 5. 1ST ROW. Skip 1 stitch, make 4 single crochet, increase 1 in end stitch.

2D ROW-Single crochet, taking both loops.

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 28 stitches. 34 rows even. Decrease same as increase. Sew the uneven edge to sweater. Commencing at bottom, make a single crochet in each row for 9 rows. *Chain 6, skip 5 rows, then make 13 single crochet. * Repeat until there are 6 loops.

Make 10 button loops. Chain 32, work back with slip stitch. Place buttons as shown.