Kimono Pattern

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MATERIAL-10 skeins white, 3 skeins color Woolco Shetland Floss. No. 8 Woolco hook. 2 ½ yds. of No. 9 ribbon.

YOKE-With color, chain 80.

1ST ROW-Skip 3 stitches. 1 double crochet in each stitch of chain. Fasten off. Turn.

2D ROW-Join white, 1 double crochet in r st stitch, *skip 1 chain, 1 double crochet in next stitch, 1 double crochet in skipped chain stitch.* Repeat between *'s to end of row. Fasten off, turn.

3D ROW-Color. 1 double crochet in each stitch. Repeat ad and 3d rows until there are 11 rows in all.

12TH ROW-White. 12 cross stitches. Fasten off.

13TH ROW-Color. 24 double crochets.

Repeat 12th and 13th rows until there are 7 rows. At end of last row chain 3. Fasten off.

19TH ROW-Make a double crochet in each chain stitch, and across row. Increase 3 double crochet in this way 4 times. 4 rows even. Fasten off. Make 2d front same.

The right side of the cross stitch is the wrong side of yoke. Holding this side toward you, 1st row, *make 2 double crochet in the 1st 2 stitches, skip 1.* Repeat between *'s across front, in the 1st stitch of last row of back, across back and in the last row of other front. This brings the yokes together forming armhole.

2D ROW-*1 single crochet around next double crochet, chain 3, 1 single crochet between the 1st and 2d double crochet. * Repeat between *'s in every group, turn, chain 3.

3D ROW-*Make 2 double crochet in every chain 3. * Repeat 2d and 3d rows until there are 22. Fasten off. Join color. Make 2 rows.

With white make 2 rows.

With color make 4 rows.

With white make 2 rows.

With color make 2 rows.

With white make 1 rows.

COLLAR-Same stitch as skirt.

In the 19th row of yoke join white yarn, 1st row make 2 double crochet in each row, and in every other stitch across back and the same as other front. At end of every row fasten in the next row of yoke. Make 6 rows of white, 2 in color, 3 in white. In 3d row increase 1 group in center of back. In 5th row, increase in 9th loop on each front. 7th, 9th, 11th rows same as 5th, and in center of back.

SLEEVES-Same pattern as skirt.

Join white yarn at under arm.

1ST ROW-2 double crochet in every row. Fasten off. Join yarn in 10th group of double crochets, and make 10 groups of pattern, turn, work 5 rows in all on the 10 groups. Fasten each row in the next row of yoke. Join the last row with a single crochet. Join and turn at end of every row. Make 20 rows. Fasten off. Join color, make 2 rows. Fasten off. Join white, make 3 rows.