Porch Jacket Pattern

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MATERIAL-8 skeins of white and 2 skeins of color Woolco Germantown Zephyr. No. 4 Woolco hook. 2 yards of ribbon.

Chain 38.

1ST ROW-Skip 2 chain, make a double crochet in each stitch. Turn, chain 3.

2D ROW-1 single crochet and 3 chain in space between every 4th and 5th stitches, and 1 in the chain 2 at end of row. There will be 9 groups. Turn, chain 2.

3D ROW-5 double crochet under 1st chain 3, 4 double crochet under each of the next 7, chain 3, and 5 in the last. Turn, chain 3.

4TH ROW-Same as 2d.

5TH ROW-6 double crochet under 1st and last chain, 4 under the others. Turn, chain 2.

6TH ROW-1 single crochet between 2d and 3d double crochets, and between 4th and 5th at end of row. Chain 2, turn.

7TH ROW-3 double crochet in chain 2 at beginning end of row.

8TH ROW-1 single crochet between 3d and 4th double crochet at beginning of row and 4th and 5th at end of row. Turn, chain 3.

9TH ROW-4 double crochet under each chain. Repeat from 2d row until there are 17 groups.

Then work 4 rows of 6 groups for shoulder and front.

Increase on each edge same as back until there are 8 groups. Work 17 rows of groups even. Work other front same leaving groups for collar.

Fasten color in original chain, work around jacket 1 row of color, 1 white, 1 of color in crazy stitch for border. Fasten off. Turn over border for collar. With color make 2 chains about 1 ¼ yards long, work a slip stitch in each stitch. Lace together for under arm. Finish ends of cord with tassel made of the 2 colors.