Pot Holders | Book No. 196 | The Spool Cotton Company

Pot Holders | Book No. 196 | The Spool Cotton Company

Pot Holders
Book No. 196
The Spool Cotton Company
J. & P. Coats ⋅ Clark's O.N.T.
Original Copyright 1943

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Patterns Included: 
Flower Pot Potholder, Ma-Pa and Baby Potholder, Teacup Potholder, Wall Pocket Potholder, Butterfly Potholder, Striped Square Potholder (2), Fruit Slice Potholder, Diamond Potholder, Scallop Potholder, Oven Mitt Potholder (2), Double Wheels Potholder, Cat Potholder, Double Diamond Potholder, Tulip Potholder, Bell Potholder, Striped Circle Potholder, Square Potholder, Hot Spot Potholder, Hexagon Potholder, Circle Potholder, Pinwheel Potholder, Salt & Pepper Potholder, Star Potholder, Checkerboard Potholder, Horseshoe Potholder, Strawberry Potholder, Water Pitcher Potholder, Variegated Circle Potholder.

A new crop of bright Pot Holders! Kitchen is king of your household these days. Pot Holders are mighty important – why not make them conversation pieces? Come out of the Kitchen! Crochet pot holders for Bazaars, Fairs, Showers and for Gifts to your Friends. For friends who like surprises.


IMPORTANT ... Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the article you wish to make, as it is impossible to avoid slight variations in color in different dye lots.

PAD ... Cut flannel, muslin or any soft material, slightly smaller than crocheted pieces. Place between crochet, tacking to wrong side of one piece. Finish pot holder as in directions.