Rose Gown Yoke and Medallion Pattern #8

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Rose Gown Yoke and Medallion Pattern #8

MATERIALS—Six balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 70.

Working designs of Yoke and Medallion are below.

Ch 86, allowing 8 for turning, 26 more sps. Make the front point first, and on going down drop off one sp on each side and continue this way until you just have 1 sp. Go back to first 27 sps and continue this width for 12 rows, ch 49, turn, come on across, then add 16 sps on other side by following the method given for Basket Yoke. Continue up 16 more rows clear across, then ch 56, work across and make 18 sps on other side as you did at first point. Continue up 27 rows, beginning to narrow for the neck edge in the 11th row, then ch 75, which makes the first row of shoulder. Make 18 rows for shoulder piece, making 1 sp extra each time for 9 rows, which will make a point, then make 18 rows for back, dropping back 24 sps, then make 9 more rows for center back, dropping back 18 sps, widening the neck edge to correspond with the narrowing on the front. This makes all except from 2d point in front, which is made like side described.

Rose Gown Yoke and Medallion Pattern #8 chart