Lady's Sailor Hat Pattern #19

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Lady's Sailor Hat Pattern #19

Materials—J. & P. Coats "Silk Finish" Crochet Cotton, any color. Milward's Steel Crochet Needle, No. 7.

Row 1—Ch 8, join in ring, ch 3, 19 d in ring, join.
Row 2—Ch 5, * sk 1, d in next, ch 2, repeat 9 times, then sl st into 3rd of 5 ch.
Row 3—Ch 5, * cluster (a cluster is made as follows: thread over needle, draw through under 2 ch, repeat 5 times, draw through all loops on the needle at once, make one st to fasten) ch 2, d into d, ch 2, repeat from * until there are 5 clusters, then ch 2, sl st in 3rd of 5 ch.
Row 4—Ch 5, * cluster under 2 ch, ch 2, cluster under next ch, ch 2, d in d, ch 2, repeat around. Continue, widening in each row until there are 7 clusters in each of 5 groups.
Row 10—Ch 5, * 8 clusters, as usual, but make 7 ch between instead of 2 ch, 1 d, 2 ch.
Row 11—* 7 clusters, ch 7, sc in 7 ch of previous row, 7 ch, repeat. Continue, decreasing clusters and increasing number of chains by one in each row until—
Row 18—* 7 ch, d in ch of previous row. Repeat around.
Row 19—* 2 clusters under each 7 ch, with 3 ch between, ch 3, repeat around. Make four rows like this.
Row 23—Ch 5, 1 d under 1st 3 ch, ch 3, 1 d under next and repeat around. Make another row like this. This completes the crown.

BRIM OF HAT—Make a chain long enough to extend around the crown; it should be a number divisible by 30, plus 1.
Row 1—1 d in 8th st, * ch 3, d in 3rd chain, repeat around, join.
Row 2—Ch 3, * 1 cluster under next 3 ch, ch 3, repeat until you have 10 clusters, ch 7, repeat around, ch 7, join. The next 9 rows increase the number of chains and decrease the number of clusters, by one in each row.
Row 12—Ch 7, d in ch of previous row, repeat around.
Row 13—2 clusters, with 3 ch between, under each chain of previous row, ch 3, repeat around. This completes the top of brim.

Row 1—1 d in 5th st from needle, d in each of next 3 sts, ch 40, 6 d in last 6 ch sts, ch 3, turn.
Row 2—5 d in 6 d, ch 20, sc in center of last 40 ch, ch 20, 4 d in 4 d, ch 3, turn.
Row 3—3 d in 4 d, ch 20, sc in center of last row, ch 20, d in each of 6 d, ch 3, turn.
Row 4—D over d, ch 20, d in center of last row, turn, ch 3, 8 d under 20 ch, ch 3, turn, d over each of 8 d, ch 20, 6 d over 6 d, ch 3, turn.
Row 5—D over 4 d, ch 40, 6 d over 6 d, ch 3, turn.
Row 6—D over 6 d, ch 20, fasten in corner of block, ch 20, d over 4 d, ch 3, turn.
Row 7—D over 4 d, ch 40, 6 d over 6 d, ch 3, turn.
Row 8—D over 6 d, ch 40, 4 d over 4 d, ch 3, turn. Repeat from first, for desired length.
Band is made in the same way, any width desired. Work a row of d at each end of band.
Work a row of clusters of contrasting shade around brim. Run ribbon through beading on the underneath of hat and through band.