Boudoir Cap Butterfly Pattern #20

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Boudoir Cap Butterfly Pattern #20

MATERIALS—Two balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 20, net or other goods to line same—a piece about 14 x 14 inches will be large enough.

Patterns for Butterflies are given below.

Make large butterfly in center of cap first, by chaining 82, then when it is made go all around by chaining 6 and fastening in every other dc. Continue going around as many times as necessary and widen about every third row, 3 by adding 1 ch to each loop. When desired number of rows are made, draw in by chaining 4 and fasten in center of each loop. This will give it the round effect. Then make 4 small butterflies in band, and for edge make 3 d c, 1 p, 3 d in every third sp.

Boudoir Cap Butterfly Pattern #20 chart1
Boudoir Cap Butterfly Pattern #20 chart2