Basket Yoke Pattern #1

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Basket Yoke Pattern #1

MATERIALS—Two balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 60.

Ch 260, continue to work from diagram to 21st row, ch 35, turn, continue across and make 11 sps by * ch 3, throw thread over needle 3 times, insert needle at base of last dc made for 1st sp and half way on the long stitch for following sps and work off 2 at a time. This forms 1 sp. Repeat 10 times from *. Continue from diagram and widen at both sides in same way.
EDGING FOR NECK—Ch 3 and fasten in every other sp with tr c, repeat.
Row 2—5 tr c in top of one tr c with 3 ch between tr c, ch 3, sk 1 tr, sc in next tr, ch 3, sk next tr, and repeat around.
Row 3—5 ch and fasten in top of each tr c, forming loop, repeat.
FOR OUTER EDGE—3 sc in each of 3 sp; in 4th sp work 1 sc, 1 p, 1 sc, repeat around.

Basket Yoke Pattern #1 chart