Pansy Yoke Pattern #10

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Pansy Yoke Pattern #10

MATERIALS—Four balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton, No. 20.

Row 1—Make 33 sp, this being done by following the method given for Basket Yoke.
Continue back and forth 10 more rows, then at end of same add 15 sp, this being done by allowing 3 ch for each sp and 5 to turn with; then at end of 11th row add 15 sps, as first row.
Continue 9 more rows, then widen again at either side 11 sps, as before, then continue up 14 rows and start up shoulder, allowing 17 sps for same, continue 61 rows, then turn for back, making 57 rows, then turn for other shoulder, and continue as picture shows until you come to front piece again, then join.

EDGE.—In every 4th sp put 6 tr with a pc between each two, sc in the middle space.