Deep Yoke of Butterflies Pattern #7

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Deep Yoke of Butterflies Pattern #7

MATERIALS—Three balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 60.

Working designs of these butterflies are below.

Start at center front by chaining 22, then working back and forth across front until same is finished. Then turn and make 1 sp, 4 dc, 17 sp, 4 dc, 1 sp, turn and continue up shoulder. When shoulder is made, turn again for back, only place butterfly in center-back instead of at front as is done in the shoulder pieces. Then turn again and make other shoulder piece, fasten to front.

For beading, ch 5 and fasten in every 2d sp with a d tr, continue around like this, only at corners ch 8 instead of 5. Then for outer edge crochet 5 dc, 1 pc, 5 dc, ch 1 and fasten in center of next loop. Continue around this way by putting the dc in every other loop. On corners crochet 8 dc, 1 p, 8 dc, etc.

Deep Yoke of Butterflies Pattern #7 chart1
Deep Yoke of Butterflies Pattern #7 chart2