Gown Yoke with Sleeves Pattern #4

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Gown Yoke with Sleeves Pattern #4

MATERIALS—Three balls Coats Six Cord Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 20.

For the sleeve make a ch of 258 sts.
Rows 1-2—84 meshes.
Row 3—31 m, * 1 pc st (pop-corn), 1 m, repeat from * until you have 7 pc, 3 m, repeat 7 pc st, with m between, 31 m.
Row 4—Plain.
Row 5—32 m, 6 pc, m between each, 5 m, 1 pc, 1 m, till you have 6 pc, 32 m.
Row 6—Plain.
Row 7—5 pc, each row of pc diminishes until you have 1 pc, 13 m, 1 pc, with 37 m at beginning and end. Then 2 plain rows.
Row 18—30 m, 1 pc, 13 m, 1 pc, 13 m, 1 pc, 30 m.
Row 19—Plain.

From now you increase number of pc each time until you have 7, then decrease to 1 again. Beginning with the 24th row, add one sp at the end of each row, until you have added 8 sps on each side. When you have completed the 3 diamond-shaped groups the sleeve has 1 plain row which finishes it. For the strip over the shoulder make a strip 15 m wide with 2 diamond-shaped groups of pc, and for front and back same width strip with 3 diamond-shaped groups; join together and finish neck and sleeves like the picture.