Shamrock Yoke Pattern #15

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Shamrock Yoke Pattern #15

MATERIALS—Two balls Coats Mercerized Crochet Cotton No. 50.

Ch 55, turn.
Row 1—16 sp, ch 5, turn.
Row 2—* Make 2 sp, ch 3, skip 2 sp, a shell of 4 trs (thread over twice), with 2 ch between trs in next sp, ch 3, skip 2 sp, * repeat from first star, 2 sp, ch 5, turn.
Row 3—2 sps, ch 3, * sc into top of first tr of shell, fill ch of sh with 5 dc, repeat twice, ch 3, 2 sp, * repeat all between two stars, ch 5, turn.

Begin again at 2d row, and repeat until you have a strip long enough to go across the front. Make a strip the same for the back. In this yoke there are 27 rows of shamrocks.
Make shoulders in same manner, working 7 rows of 6 shamrocks each, on each shoulder. The space under the arm is of plain spaces. In making a ch, allow 3 sts for every space, plus 1 for the outside bar; whenever you turn ch 5, for one side and the top of 1st sp of next row. The finish at the edges of this yoke is like the leaves of the shamrock.