Curtains Pattern #989

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Curtains Pattern #989

Materials: Clark's O.N.T. or J. & P. Coats Pearl Cotton, size 5, 36 balls of Brown.
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 1.
2¾ yds. of 50-inch monk's cloth.

These drapes are made in Dutch style, 2 long pieces and a short piece, all 3 to be hung on 1 rod, as in illustration. Drapes are about 72 inches long and measure about 86 inches across top.

Crocheted Strip. Starting at bottom, and using thread double throughout, make a chain to measure about 12 inches, turn. 1st row: Tr in 6th ch from hook (turning ch-5 to count as 1 tr), 2 tr in same ch, holding last loop of each tr on hook; then thread over hook and take off all remaining loops (1 cluster made). Always fasten cluster with a tight ch st. Then, * ch 5, skip 4 ch, s c in next ch, ch 5, skip 4 ch, in next ch make a 3-tr cluster. Repeat from * across until row measures 8 inches, ending row with a tr-cluster, turn. 2nd row: * S c at tip of next cluster, ch 5. In next s c make a 3-tr cluster, ch 5. Repeat from * across, turn. 3rd row: Make a 3-tr cluster in next s c (turning ch-5 to count as 1 tr), * ch 5, s c at tip of next cluster, ch 5, 3-tr cluster in next s c. Repeat from * across. The last 2 rows constitute the pattern. Repeat these 2 rows until piece measures 74 inches. Make another strip same as this. Then make 2 more strips of same width, but 17 inches long.

Cut monk's cloth lengthwise into four strips, each 12½ x 76 inches. Sew a narrow hem on each long edge. Starting at one long end, sew 1 long insertion between 2 pieces of monk's cloth, having insertion cover narrow hems. Then turn over a 2-inch hem for curtain rod. To finish bottom, make a 2-inch hem on monk's cloth strips extending beyond insertion, thus making lower edge even.

Finish other drape in same way.

From remaining material cut a piece 20 inches long and 12½ inches wide, and sew a 17-inch piece of insertion to each long edge. Finish top and lower edge as for drapes.

Curtains Pattern #989