Lilac Flower Pattern

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Lilac Flower Pattern

Materials Required:
No. 14 Floral Wire (Heavy)
Thin floral wire Green or Brown floral tape


1—70 yd. skein Lavender or Lilac will make 3 lilacs.

Open skein and cut into 8 inch lengths. Make 4½ doz. petals as follows: Cut thin wire into 5½ inch lengths for each petal. Take one 8 inch length of yarn and wind around a 1½ inch cardboard twice, remove from cardboard. Fold wire in half, place yarn be­tween wire and twist tightly, trim ends but do not cut loops. Take a 24 inch length heavy wire for stem. Starting at top, take 3 or 4 petals and bind with thin wire to stem leaving petals about 1 inch from stem. Bind remaining petals to stem graduating petals and spacing about ½ inch between groups of 3 or 4, and having flower about 6 or 7 inches in length. Shape flower evenly, then starting under last petals cover wire with floral tape.

Lilac Flower Pattern 1