Santa Door Knob Pattern

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Santa Door Knob Pattern

Materials Required:
1—70 yd. skein each Red and White and
1 skein Blue
Shredded Foam Rubber or Kapok for filling
4 bells as illustrated

GAUGE: 3 s c = 1 inch

FACE: With White ch 2, 8 s c in 2nd st from hook, do not join this or following rounds. Place a marker at beg of each round. 2nd ROUND: 2 s c in each sc. 3rd ROUND: * S c in next s c, 2 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around—24 s c. 4th ROUND: * 1 s c in each of the next 2 s c, 2 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around—32 s c. 5th ROUND: Dec 8 sts evenly spaced. 6th ROUND: Repeat 5th round. 7th ROUND: Work even, cut yarn.

HAT: With Red ch 10, s c in 2nd st from hook, 1 s c in each re­maining st of ch, ch 1 to turn all rows. 2nd and 3rd ROWS: 1 s c in each s c. 4th ROW: Working in s c, dec 1 st at beg and end of row. NEXT 3 ROWS: Work even. Repeat last 4 rows twice, cut yarn. Work another section in same manner.

FINISHING: With Red crochet the 2 sections tog leaving starting chains free. With wrong side of hat toward you leaving front edge free attach White at right corner and work 9 double loop sts to opposite corner (double loop st: insert hook in st, winding yarn clockwise wind yarn twice around index finger, insert hook from left to right through loops on finger, pick up both loops and pull through st, drop loops from finger, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook), cut yarn. With opening of face at lower end and right side of face and hat toward you, place hat on face leaving 4 rows from center of face free. Sew in position. Fill hat slightly with shredded foam rubber or Kapok.

WHISKERS: With right side of face toward you attach White in same st with end of hat work a row of sl sts around lower edge of face working over 4th row of face to opposite side of hat, ch 1, turn. NEXT ROW: Working in back loop of sts, work 1 double loop st in each st pulling each loop up about 1½ inches, cut yarn. NEXT ROW: With wrong side of work toward you, attach White in 5th double loop st, double loop st in same space, 1 double loop st in each st to within last 4 sts, cut yarn.

POMPON: Wind White 30 times over a ¾ inch cardboard, tie one end, cut other end. Trim into shape and sew to top of hat.

FINISHING: Sew 2 small bells below pompon. With Red em­broider nose with a French Knot and mouth with back sts. With "Star" Six Strand Embroidery Cotton, cut a 6 inch length and wind around in a circle leaving center open for center of eye. Glue in position.

BELL CHAIN: With Red ch 14, sl st to center of last row of double loop sts of whiskers, ch 9, attach one bell, ch 9, sl st in sl st, ch 14, attach other bell, join in 1st st of ch, cut yarn.