Tabletop Christmas Tree Pattern

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Tabletop Christmas Tree Pattern

Materials Required:
3—70 yd. skeins Fern Green
1—70 yd. skein Red
1—36 inch length Heavy Wire
4—36 inch lengths Medium Wire
Thin Wire for tying
Green Floral tape

1.   Fold heavy wire in half to form trunk of tree.
2.   Cut one 8 inch length of me­dium wire for top branch. Fold in half and twist tightly at fold to trunk; fold each end over.
3.   Open skein of Fern Green, cut into 3 inch lengths.
4.   Cut thin wire into 4 inch lengths. * Take 8 strands of Fern Green, tie at center with thin wire, twist to medium wire. Repeat from * until branch is covered.
5.   Work 8 more branches in same manner, having 1 more 8 inch length, four 12 inch lengths, three 16 inch lengths.
6.   Cover trunk with floral tape.
7.   Cut Red into 1 inch lengths. Take 20 strands, tie at center with thin wire, then twist to end of branch. Trim into shape for pompon. Repeat step 7 until all ends are completed. Make 5 more pompons and tie in place to top of tree and to branches as illustrated.