Small Fry Infant Set

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3 ply baby yarn—4 balls color—1 ball white 3 yds ½" ribbon. No. 4 bone crochet hook.

Working up and down the left front ch 35. ROW 1—sc in second ch from hook—sc in each of next 11 ch (keep 12 sc—throughout the yoke)—*Skip 1 ch—sc in next—ch 2—sc in same—repeat from* across ch—making 11 pat­terns. (Keep 11 patterns throughout the body) ch 3 turn.
ROW 2—sc under last ch 2 of row 1—ch 2—sc under same ch* sc under next ch—ch 2—sc under same ch—repeat from* across the 11 patterns—then sc in each sc of yoke picking up only the back single sts (ribbing) ch 1 turn. Repeat until there are 18 rows for front.
LEFT SLEEVE—Sc across the 12 sc of yoke—ch 24 for sleeve. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc in each of the next 5 ch—for cuff—make 8 patterns across remaining ch—sc in ribbing across the 12 sc of yoke—continue in this manner until there are 24 rows for sleeve—last row of sleeve—sc in ribbing across the 6 sc of cuff—*sc under the ch 2 of previous row—ch 1—repeat from* across pat­terns—sc in ribbing across the 12 sc of yoke—ch 1 turn.
BACK—Leaving the sleeve, work across the yoke, then pick up the pattern sts of the front and continue across back for 36 rows.
Make RIGHT SLEEVE same as left and right front same as left—except making the last row of front the same as last row for sleeves. Seam the sleeves from the wrong side with sc.
NECK EDGE—sc across neck edge—picking up the top single sts of each ridge and pulling the ridge s together—ch 4 turn—*skip 1 sc—dc in next—ch 1—repeat across row from*—ch 1—turn—sc in each dc and sc under each ch 1 of beading. BREAK YARN.
EDGING—With white and starting at left bottom—sc—under turning ch of last row—ch 3—sc under same ch—*sc under next turning ch—ch 3—sc under same ch—re­peat from* around entire jacket—skipping 2 sc—between patterns across neck edge. Then with color *sl st between patterns—ch 3—sl st under ch 3 of pattern ch 3. Repeat from* around edging.

Starting at left front ch 23—sc in 2nd ch from hook and sc in each of next 5 ch—(keep the 6 sc in ribbing across entire front of bonnet for turnback). Make 7 pattern sts across remaining ch—as for front of jacket. Work thus until there are 15 rows for side, then ch 23 for back—Sc in the 2nd ch from hook, sc in each of the next 22 ch and sc in the last sc of preceding row. Continue in pattern as before, keeping the 23 sc in ribbing across back for 13 rows. Make right front same as left. Turn to wrong side and seam with sc. Turn back front ridges and edge as for jacket.
NECK EDGE—Sc across neck edge skipping every other st.—then sc across again skipping 3 more sts across back.

TOE PIECE—ch 8 ROW 1—sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining ch—ch 1 turn. ROW 2—sc in each sc picking up only the back single sts—ch 1—turn. Repeat row 2—five more times. Ch 19 join with sl st to 1st sc of last row. BREAK YARN.
—Attach yarn in the 10th ch—sc in each of the next 9 ch—7 sc up side of toe piece—2 sc in front corner —6 sc across end—2 sc in next corner—7 sc up side and 9 sc in remaining ch—join with sl st—ch 1—turn—sc in each sc around picking up only the back single sts—join with sl st—turn—Make 6 more rnds in this manner, skip­ping 1 sc at both back and front in the last 2 rows. Turn to wrong side and seam with sc picking up only the back single sts.
BEADING—Attaching yarn at center back sc around entire ankle including toe piece—join with sl st—ch 4—*skip 1 sc—dc in next—ch 1. Repeat from*—join with sl st—ch l—sc in each dc—and sc under each ch 1 of beading join with sl st.
TOP—ch 3—sc in same sc as ch—*skip 1 sc—sc in next—ch 2—sc in same. Repeat from* around ending with a sl st in 1st ch of rnd—ch 1—turn. Work in pattern for 5 rows. Edge same as for jacket.

Other great patterns from Tops in Togs for Babies, Volume No. 1.

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