Miss Susie Tip Top Infant Set

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3 ply baby yarn—4 balls pink—1 ball white—No. 6 one crochet hook.

ROW 1—dc in 4th st from hook (ch 3 counts as 1 dc) 1 dc in each of next 9 ch—5 dc in next ch (shell) 1 dc in each of next 7 ch—5 dc in next—1 dc in each of next 20 ch—5 dc in next)—1 dc in each of next 7—5 dc in next—1 dc n each of next 10 ch—ch 3—turn.
ROW 2—1 dc in each dc to center of first shell of row 1—5 dc in center of shell—1 dc in each dc to center of next shell—and continue across row making 5 dc in center of each shell—Repeat row 2—4 more times, making 154 dc n last row.
WITH PINK—starting at left front of yoke sc in each dc to the center of the first shell—skip the shoulder sts and sc in center of second shell—sc to center of next shell—again skip the shoulder sts—sc in center of last shell and sc across front. BREAK YARN.
BODY—WITH PINK—starting at left front.
ROW 1—sc in first sc—ch 1—draw up a loop in next sc-skip 1 so—draw up a loop in next sc—yo and through all 3 loops on hook—ch 1—*draw up loop in same st—skip 1—draw up loop in next—yo—and through all 3 loops on hook (pattern)—repeat from* to underarm sc—then make 3 patterns without skipping the 1 sc each time (increase)—continue across row making 3 increases at center back and 3 increases at underarm ending row with (ch 1—sc)—ch 1 turn.
ROW 2—sc in first sc—draw up loop under first ch 1—of previous row—draw up loop under next ch 1—yo and through all 3 loops on hook ch 1—continue in pattern st across row—ending with ch 1—sc in last sc—ch 1—turn. Repeat row 2—23 more times or until work measures 6½ in. BREAK YARN.
RND 1—Starting at underarm—sc—st for st around armhole—joining with sl st.
RND 2—ch 1—sc in first sc of row 1—ch 1 *draw up loop in each of next 2 sc—yo and through all 3 loops on hook—ch 1—repeat from* around—(this is the same pat­tern st—without skipping the sc between each pattern) end rnd with ch 1—sc and sl st in first sc of previous rnd—ch 1—turn.
RND 3—sc in last sc of rnd 2 and work in pattern as for body of jacket. (End each rnd with sc and sl st in first sc of previous row—ch 1 turn)—repeat rnd 3—9 more times—or until work measures 3 inches. Next rnd—sc under each ch 1—of last rnd of pattern st—join with sl st.
BEADING—ch 3—skip 1 sc—hdc in next—*ch 1—skip 1 sc—hdc in next—repeat from* around—joining with sl st in 2nd ch at beginning of rnd-ch 1—sc in each sc and sc under each ch 1 of beading—join with sl st—BREAK YARN.
EDGING—WITH WHITE—work as for pattern st—ex­cept with a ch 3 between sts instead of ch 1—with pink—sc under each ch 3 of edging with a ch 3 between each sc.
NECK EDGE—WITH WHITE—sc in each dc across neck edge. Turn and add beading the same as for sleeves—ch 3—turn.
COLLAR—Make 2 rows of do—st for st—picking up only the back sts in first row—then with pink add 2 rows of pattern st.
EDGE entire jacket including collar as for sleeves. Make a chain for the beading at neck and sleeves using a strand of pink and one of white together. Then tie a pompom to each end of chains.

ROW 1—sc in second ch from hook and in each remain­ing ch—ch 1—turn.
ROW 2—sc in 1st sc—ch 1—draw up a loop in next sc—skip 1 sc draw up a loop in next—yo and through all 3 loops on hook ch 1—*draw loop through the same sc—skip 1 sc—draw loop through the next—yo and through all 3 loops on hook—ch 1—(pattern st).—repeat from* ending row with ch 1—sc—in last sc of row—ch 1 turn—work 7 more rows in pattern—the same as for body or jacket.
ROW 10—Work in pattern increasing 1 pattern st be­tween the last pattern and the last sc-ch—1 turn. (To make an inc. pattern at end of row—draw up a loop be­tween last patterns—draw up a loop in last sc—yo and thru the 3 loops on hook—ch 1 and sc in last sc.)
ROW 11—Work in pattern—repeat rows 10 and 11—until there are 20 rows of pattern. BREAK YARN. Left side—same as right except making the increases between the 1st sc and the 1st pattern st of the 9th and every alter­nate row. Placing the right sides together crochet together with sc picking up only the back single sts.
TURN BACK—Attach white to the left front and work across the front edge with dc—st for st. BREAK YARN. With pink and starting again at left front—work 1 row of pattern.
EDGE as for sleeves.
NECK EDGE—WITH PINK—and starting at left cor­ner—make 40 sc across neck edge leaving the turnback free—Finish with beading as for sleeves—make a ch for the beading at neck edge and finish with pompoms.

Other great patterns from Tops in Togs for Babies, Volume No. 1.

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