Dainty Miss Infant Set

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4 balls white 3 ply yarn—1 ball pink rayon yarn—4 yds. Pink ½” ribbon. No. 6 bone crochet hook.

YOKE—Ch 61—Turn.
ROW 1—dc in 4th ch from hook (ch 3 counts as 1 dc)—dc in each of next 8 ch—(2 dc—ch 1—3 dc (seam shell)—in next ch—dc in each of next 7 ch—seam shell in next ch—dc in each of next 20 ch—seam shell in next ch—dc in each of next 7 ch—-seam shell in next—dc in each of last 10 ch—ch 3—turn.
ROW 2—dc in each dc—to ch 1 of seam shell—seam shell under the ch 1—dc in each dc—to ch 1—of next seam shell—seam shell under the ch 1—continue thus across row—making a dc in each dc—and a seam shell under the ch 1—of each seam shell of previous row—ch 3 turn. REPEAT ROW 2—four times—ch 1 turn.
BEADING—sc in each dc—to the ch 1—of first seam shell—then leaving the next sts. for the sleeve—sc—in center of next seam shell—sc in each dc across back to ch 1—of seam shell—again leaving the next sts for the sleeve—sc in next shell and continue across front—ch 3 turn. Skip 1 sc—dc in next—*ch 1—skip 1 sc—dc in next—repeat from* across row ch 1—turn. Sc in each dc and sc under each ch 1—of previous row—ch 1 turn.
ROW 1—sc in 1st sc—*dc in next—sc in next—repeat from* across row—ending row with dc—ch 1 turn—(al­ways start each row of pattern with a sc and end each row with a dc.)
ROW 2—sc in each dc and dc in each sc of previous row (picking up only the back single sts throughout the pat­tern) ch 1—turn.
REPEAT ROW 2—21 times—then sc—up the front edge—around the neck and down the other front edge—making 2 sc in each end dc and 1 sc in each end sc—up the skirt front—(35 sc to beading—then st for st.)
RND 1—Join yarn at underarm and sc around—joining with sl st—then work in pattern as for body joining each rnd with sl st and turning—work for 18 rnds.
BEADING AT NECK—Join yarn at neck edge—ch 3—*skip 1 sc—dc in next—ch 1—repeat from *across row—ch 1 turn—sc in each dc and sc under each ch 1 of previous row.
—Attach thread to lower right front—make a sc—draw up a loop in the next sc—skip 1 sc—draw up a loop in the next—yo and thru all 3 loops on hook—ch 3—*draw loop thru same st as previous loop—skip 1 st—draw loop thru the next st—yo and thru all 3 loops on hook—ch 3—repeat from*—around entire jacket—edge the sleeves the same.

ROW 1—Skip 1 ch—make 54 sc across remaining ch—ch 3—turn. ROW 2—* Skip 1 sc—dc in next ch 1—repeat from* across row—ch 1 turn. ROW 3—sc in each dc and sc under each ch 1 of previous row—ch 1—turn. ROW 4—Picking up only the back single sts—sc in 1st sc—dc in next—sc in next—continue across row—ending with a dc-ch 1—turn—continue to work in pattern for 9 more rows—BREAK YARN. Skip 18 sts—attach yarn in next st—and continue to work in pattern over 18 sts for 16 rows.—BREAK YARN. Turn to wrong side and seam the fronts and back with sc (the loose sts of the last row of sc should be outside as these sts are for the ruffle).
ROW 1—sc in each end sc and sc in each end dc—across sides and sc in each dc across back—ch 1—turn. ROW 2—sc across row—skipping every 4th sc—ch 1—turn. ROW 3—sc across row—st for st.
RUFFLE—Attach yarn in 1st single st in sc row—in back of the beading—ch 4—dc in same st—(draw each dc as high as the ch 4)—*dc in next—2 dc in next—repeat from* across row—Edge the ruffle and around face with rayon as for jacket.

STARTING AT TOP—CH 28—join with sl st.
RND 1—*sc in 1st ch—dc in next—repeat from* around ending with a dc—and joining with a sl st in 1st sc of round—turn. Continue to work in pattern as for jacket for 9 more rnds.
RND 11—sc in each st—join with sl st—ch 3. RND 12—*Skip 1 sc—dc in next—ch 1—repeat from* around—join with sl st—ch 1. RND 13—sc in each dc and sc under each ch 1—of previous rnd—join with sl st.—BREAK YARN.
TOE—Work in pattern over the 8 front sc—for six rows—BREAK YARN.
FOOT—attach yarn at center back and work in sc—around the ankle and toe piece—making 9 sc on each side of toe piece—and 2 sc in each front corner—(do not join rnds)—work 7 more rnds of sc—st for st—dec. 1 st—front and back in each of last 2 rows—Turn to wrong side and seam with sc picking up only the single sts.

Other great patterns from Tops in Togs for Babies, Volume No. 1.

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