Playmates Crocheted Nursery Rug Pattern #5

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Playmates Crocheted Nursery Rug Pattern

MATERIALS—Lily Rug Yarn, Art. 241:—4-skeins Cream, 1½-skeins Black, and 11-skeins Lt. Blue (or other colors). Crochet hook size H-6. Size—24" x 42". In Lt. Blue, ch 82, 81 sc on ch. ROW 2—Ch 1, turn, sc in last sc, (dc in next st, sc in next) repeated across (40 puffs). Let puff sts puff out on back (right side) of work. ROW 3—Ch 1, turn, 81 sc. Repeat Rows 2 and 3 thru Row 13. Wind off several small balls (25 or 30 yds.) each of Cream and Black.

1ST CHART ROW—Starting at left side of chart, ch 1, turn, 1 sc, (1 dc and 1 sc) 18 times, joining a small Cream ball thru 2 loops of final sc. Drop Lt. Blue on front (wrong side), and with Cream, (a 2-dc-Cluster in next st, sc in next) 4 times, joining a 2d ball of Lt. Blue thru last sc. Drop Cream on front and with Lt. Blue, (1 dc and 1 sc) 18 times. Ch 1, turn, 1 sc in Blue in each Blue st, drop Blue, 1 Cream sc in each st, drop Cream, 1 Blue sc in each Blue st, changing colors above changes in puff row. Make the back­grounds in small puffs (1 dc), and the design in large puffs (2-dc-Clusters).

2d CHART ROW—Ch 1, turn, 1 sc, (1 dc and 1 sc) 18 times, pull up Cream and join thru end sc, drop Blue, (a large puff, 1 sc) 5 times, join Black, drop Cream, (a large puff, 1 sc) twice, pull up Lt. Blue and join, drop Black, (1 dc and 1 sc) 15 times. Ch 1, turn and work sc back, changing colors as in last row. Con­tinue, following chart. In 5th Chart Row, join a 2d ball each of Cream and Black, and a 3d ball of Lt. Blue (for center panel). In 11th Chart Row, join a 3d Cream ball. When a section of color is completed, cut yarn 6" long and fasten off on back with a needle. Repeat 21st Chart Row 15 times, then start Scottie. When that is completed, repeat Rows 2 and 3 six times. Fasten off. EDGE—In Lt. Blue, work sc around, with 3 sc in corners. Put 1 sc in each row on long sides. ROW 2—1 sl st in each sc. Fasten off.

Stretch and pin right-side-down in true shape on a large, padded table or board. Steam and press dry thru a cloth.

FLUFF FRINGE—Tie a Cream, 20-strand tuft in every 3d st around edge.

Playmates Crocheted Nursery Rug Pattern chart