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Crocheted Rugs | Lily Mills Company Book No. 1400

Crocheted Rugs
Lily Mills Company
Book No. 1400
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Patterns Included: 
Textured Loveliness Crochet Rug, Crocheted Oval Rug, On the Diagonal Crocheted Rug, Wild Roses Rug in Crocheted Needlepoint, Playmates Crocheted Nursery Rug, Shaded Squares Loop Stitch Set, Scottie in Loop Stitch Toy, Crocheted Pot Holders, Spotlight on Texture Crocheted Rug, For Gracious Living Rug in Loop Stitch, Two Toned Triumph Crocheted Rug, So Gay It Sings Rug in Loop Stitch, Rippling Harmony Crocheted Rug, Add Zing to Kitchen Pot Holders.


SHORT LOOP STITCH—(short lp st)—Hold work between thumb and 1st finger, with yarn passing over 1st and 2nd finger, * lift 1st finger under yarn, bend and bring finger forward and down under yarn again, making a complete turn of yarn around finger. Insert hook in next st, catch left-hand strand of yarn above finger and pull thru, tightening yarn loop around finger, ** yarn over and pull thru 2 loops on hook for 1 sc to fasten loop st. Work tightly.

LONG LOOP STITCH (long lp st)—Repeat Short Loop Stitch to **, yarn over and pull thru 1 loop on hook, yarn over and thru remaining 2 loops on hook.

FLUFF FRINGE—Wind yarn specified number of times around a cardboard 5/8" wide. Cut at one edge. Using a long strand threaded to a dull-pointed needle, take a small stitch thru edge of rug, drawing end down to 2". Take a 2d st in next st to right, having a loop between sts. Slip a group of strands thru loop, pull the strand down tightly and tie in a hard, double knot. Cut ends even with tuft. Repeat in next 3d and 4th sts to right. Rub with hand to fluff fringe.