Modern Crochet | Book 75 | Lily Mills Company

Modern Crochet | Lily Design Book No. 75

Modern Crochet
Book No. 75
Lily Mills Company
Original Copyright 1954

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Patterns Included: 
Cardigan, Shrug, Hairpin Lace Cape Curtains, Hairpin Lace Place Mat, Glitter Collar, Belt and Bag Set, Daffodil Garden Skirt, TV Slippers, Hat, Collar and Bag Set, Place Mats and Chair Pad Covers, Straw Doily, Place Mat, Oblong Pillow, Round Pillow, Square Pillow, Crocheted Rug, Spiral Place Mat, Kitchen Rug, Fruit Bowl, Lantern Pot Holder, Clockhouse Pot Holder, Square Pot Holder.

Knitting Patterns: