Diamond Potholder Pattern #9213

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Diamond Potholder Pattern

MATERIALS: CLARK'S O.N.T. COTTON RUG YARN, 1 ball of a light color, and 1 ball of a dark color.

Clark's O.N.T. Rug and Afghan Hook, size G.

This amount is sufficient for 4 pot holders, if colors are reversed.

Starting at ring, with one color, ch 12, join with sl st to form ring, ch 1, 11 s c in ring. 1st row: Ch 3 (to count as d c), d c in next 5 s c, pc st in same s c—to make a pc st, ch 1, make 5 d c, remove hook, insert it in ch-1 and draw dropped loop through; d c in same s c, d c in next 5 s c, turn. 2nd row: Ch 3 (to count as d c), d c in next 5 sts, 3 d c in next (center) st, d c in next 6 sts, turn. 3rd row: Ch 3, d c in each st to center; in center st make d c, pc st and d c; d c in each st to end of row, turn. 4th row: Ch 3, d c in each st across, making 3 d c in center st, turn. 5th to 8th row incl.: Repeat 3rd and 4th rows alternately. Fasten off. 9th row: Attach contrasting color, ch 3, * pc st in next d c, d c in next 3 d c. Repeat from * across, ending with d c in last st; then continue working along side by making an s c and a long s c alternately—to make a long s c, work as for a regular s c, but insert hook below 2 d c instead of 1 d c. Make 7 s c in ring, and work along other side to correspond. Join with sl st to top of ch-3 first made. Fasten off.