Luncheon Set Pattern #4041

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MATERIALS: J. & P. Coats or Clark's O.N.T. Pearl Cotton, Size 5, 33 balls will make 4 place mats, each 11 x 17 inches, and a runner, 11 x 27 inches ... Steel Crochet Hook No. 6.

PLACE MAT (Make 4) ... 1st row: Ch 11, drop loop from hook, holding chain just made with fore­finger and thumb of left hand insert hook in 11th ch from hook and draw dropped loop through; * in ring just made make 4 sc, ch 3 and 4 sc; ch 10, drop loop from hook, holding the ch-10 with left hand as before insert hook in last sc made and draw dropped loop through. Repeat from * across, until row measures 11 inches, making (4 sc, ch 3) 3 times and 4 sc in last ring. Make 4 sc, ch 3 and 4 sc in re­maining half of each ring; ch 3, sl st in 1st sc made. Break off. 2nd row: Work 1st half of this row as for 1st half of 1st row, ending with (4 sc, ch 3) twice and 4 sc in last ring. Work other half as follows: Ch 1, sc in cor­responding ch-3 loop of last ring on previous row, * ch 1, 4 sc in same ring on row in work, 4 sc in next ring, ch 1, sc in adjacent loop of corresponding ring on previous row. Repeat from * across, ending row as before. Break off. Repeat 2nd row until piece measures 17 inches.

RUNNER ... Work as for Place Mat until piece measures 27 inches long.